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Stacie Damorn


Hamilton, KS, US

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Stacie Damorn

A year has almost gone by,
Why did this have to happen to you, Dad?
But yet i still don't understand why!
We're not so sure when it started to get bad?

Why did you have to leave us all so soon?
I wish i could know.
I'm guessing it was your turn to see the moon!
But why did you have to go?

I know I probably shouldn't be blaming anyone,
I know it's nobody's fault.
I just can't believe what she has done,
I just wish she'd got caught.

I know you both loved each other,
But she lied to you practically the whole time,
And she also loved another,
She committed a very horrible crime.

After you found out,
Not having your money yet, is what stopped you from
I wish you would have just gone ahead and went about.
I still haven't got time to do my grieving!

For everyday that passes,
It gets a little bit easier to deal.
I still picture you wearing your reading glasses.
Why does this have to be real?

Us kids are the luckiest children in the universe,
I'm sure we got the best parents of them all.
I guess God thought it was time to end your life's last
But, we will, for you, always stand Tall!