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Andrea Damaris


Los Angeles, CA, US

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Under The Garden Wall


Andrea Damaris

The moon was full as I lay sleeping under the garden wall
The sun, her eyes drawn weary of peeping, let her heavy
lids fall
A blanket of stars lay soft and gleaming over valley,
hill and mall
As I lay sleeping, peacefully dreaming, under the garden

The dew kissed the flowers as I lay sleeping under the
garden wall
The trees, through leaves, a breeze was sweeping stood
rigid, bleak and tall
The Lady of Night her watch was keeping over creatures great
and small
As I lay sleeping, gently weeping, under the garden wall.

The Earth was cold as I lay sleeping under the garden wall
The winds, their wrath o'er nature reaping, heeding Titan's
The sea, her encroachment like horses teaming, no mortal
force could stall
As I lay sleeping, silently screaming, under the garden wall

This wall that hides me from the night
Protects me not from Nightmare's fright
She claims dominion over all
Even those sleeping under the garden wall

From Sour Grapes Comes Bitter Wine


Andrea Damaris

Come not to me tonight for I am weak
Thou has poisoned me to the task
Of sweet moments once shared, now bleak
To which no bounty of love professed could mask

He once beheld a wish most promising to me
A prayer suppressed within my heart
The gift of Venus Arising From the Sea
Alas, a fabricated work of art

Within my grasp lies passion
But behold, I can no longer soar
To the heights required of love's fashion
I fall to depths where passion lurks no more

This flower too soon from bud to May
A life drawn and spent in a single breath
Too young to break, too old to sway
My time stands quietly close to death

Drown Out Thy Sorrow


Andrea Damaris

Cast out among the ruins she lay forlorn
Upon her head lay heavy the burdens of the Earth
And at her feet the grandure of the morn

Rain's dance upon her form made tattered her dress
Of blue and White, once noble
Though now quite Holy in it's mess

Fear makes play around her, smiling down
With crooked teeth and snarling grin
The face of madness lurks happy in it's frown

No more are friendly eyes to weep
And Life, a weary man, makes no attempt
To lift his head and grant Ophelia a place to sleep

Impenetrable Heart


Andrea Damaris

Tempered steel has nothing on my heart,
Nor shards of glass can hold up to the pain
A burning blow or penetrating mark
That holds it's own against the stinging rain
Of fire. Oh but would this anquish leave
Across a barren land that was my heart
A path of a love that would I grieve
Upon in light and dark.

With face upon the world, dance light
With sorrow on my soul, sleep tight

August Moon


Andrea Damaris

I saw in full a moon set down upon the west
In morning's purple hues, no stars to guides it's path
The yellow sphere in contrast to the night
Made room for gentle light
To rise her head and open wide her eyes.

Subtly Human


Andrea Damaris

Can I love thee more this hour
With morning's glory upon thee;
The dew has risen from the flower
And settled down upon the weed.

My gift of love can be but this -
To find my true love's errs
Are only thorns upon the tree
That roses mostly bare.