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Lynne Dale


Sunshine, Victoria, Australia

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Lynne Dale

Fragments of my life flit by
seen through kaleidoscope
facets that make me cry
and bar my dreams from hope

Visions of an earlier me
in shredded photographs
seen through shrouded memory
on jagged broken paths

Odd pieces of a jigsaw
which doesn't fit together
houses built from sticks and straw
that can't withstand the weather

Slivers of my life I see
and never the whole drawing
fractured, poignant, lonely me
waiting for new dawning

Remnants in time half recalled
the ragged ending frays
into the mists of pain, life stalled
the darkening of my days

A child's painting, black on black
and grotesque mouths that swallow
shouting, screaming, reaching back
to kill me in its hollow

The smell of bread starts me retching
and I wonder why
my life seen through the arrow's fletching
almost makes me cry

When sunlight streams through windows
and fragments fill my soul.
I wonder who will mend this doll
and start to make me whole.