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Martin Daigle


Hilo, HI, US

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Time Tunnel


Martin Daigle

I'll build myself a tunnel
that I can travel through.
It'll work just like a funnel
that goes wherever I want it to.

I'll touch up on my science
and brush up on the arts.
Won't be like some appliance
full of gears and moving parts.

Not a simple time machine
like H.G. Wells created,
but the best thing mankind's ever seen
once I've demonstrated

that it's anywhere at any time
and straight back home again.
Once I build my tunnel
I'll be on my way back when.

Or maybe I could borrow,
if I promised to return it,
some knowledge from tomorrow,
bring it back and learn it.

Might be a cure for cancer.
With this tunnel I'll design
any question I could answer,
any object I could find.

Sunken Aztec gold.
I could visit history.
See if Judas really sold
out Christianity.

But I've no time for guilt,
I'm such a busy guy.
Once I get my tunnel built
I'll teach myself to fly.