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Eddy Daemen


Harderwijk, Gelderland, Netherlands

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Touched by an angel


Eddy Daemen

An angel touched my soul.Held her hands close to mines. Layed her eyes to my heart.Speaking words of pure love. TO save my dying soul.Her touch maked me cry.Bittersweet tears of freedom. Cause i didnt want to dy. Waiting for solong. An angel sings a song. A song of hope and freedom. For me to be free. To have faith and believe. In this world of today. For the days that will come. Days ill pray, days ill cry. Bittersweet tears, tears of freedom. The angel blessed my soul. Singing her song of hope and freedom. And send me on the stribe. To fight and ill win. The lonely battle i must fight. But at nite when the moon is low. This angel will come to me. Singing her song of freedom and hope. To save my soul. Ill cry at nite. When she comes. And shes touching my heart and soul.