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Thomas D


Canton, OH, US

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A Woman


Thomas D

How wonderful the female mind, emotions honest and true displayed
Like rare and precious stones to find, with hope and joy and love relayed
I sit in awe of beauty and truth, through others' fearful malice taunts
As from the day of birth through youth, and to the fill of desire and wants
A lady such as she has grown, to know the feelings from her heart
As most a man has never known, and those that have can ne'er impart

How fragile is the female heart, so trusting sweet and tender given
A lumen glow to pierce the dark with honesty and righteous driven
A wanting love too near to break once asking of a love divine
A tender one so free to take and asking for a heart as mine
A fear from me so glass a thing as to, to drop and lose the whole
But if to hold such valued thing with feelings from within the soul

Like a Stone


Thomas D

like a stone my heart feel,dont know what love is,dont what it wants,most of the time,happines is crimem,yesterday is history,tommorow is mystery,what comes today is what i do,like a stone nobody care to undertstand the way my heart feel,like to wonder all the time and dream the impossibles,so a stone is a stone and a heart is a heart that feels like astone