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Michelle Cyr


Oak Creek, CO, US

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Breaking Out


Michelle Cyr

I am a prisoner by my own design... there no hope of escaping this fate?
A life sentence passed down (unfortunately mine),
so I cling to the "Fifth" and I wait.

For someone to pardon the misdeeds I have done;
but what someone? Who must it be?
I'm afraid that I am the one who must judge-
and I can't be forgiving of me.

So, in anticipation of my right to appeal,
I must question the Powers That Be:
Have the things I have done in my life been so wrong
they should be keeping my freedom from me?

And why is it there are no guarantees
as to the outcome of decisions we make?
Or that, no matter the choice, it sparks a chain of events
to which the possibilities are endless? For God sake!

Now confined and held captive within my own mind;
I am hostage to uncertainty and fear.
Intimidation and confusion are great food for doubt-
and madness is disturbingly near.

And though there's no prison of concrete walls...
nor steel, nor lock and key;
no bars or barbed wire, no shackles or chains;
it is keeping sweet freedom from me.

Yet, somehow, through all the despair of mistakes
and frustration of plans gone awry...
determination emerges and brings with it: conviction,
"I'll learn from life's lessons, or die!"

Then I pick myself up and brush off the dust...
residue from this whirlwind of doubt;
I've resigned myself to the fact of the matter:
straight through is the only way out!