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Linda Lee Curtis


Phoenix, AZ, US

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Banana Moons And Sun


Linda Lee Curtis

Hey! Sun!
Get me through
This flat day--these hours
Of few expectations,
And pale fizzless dreams.

Let your yellow rays
Shine into the darkest corners.
Find minutes I have lost,
Turn them into gold.

You know I miss the big dreams,
Huge ones too grand to touch,
The promises accepted
With just a smile, a nod.

I need your heat and shine
To change the low-slung plans
That hang in the air
Like banana moons.
Help me, Sun!

Royal Blue Night


Linda Lee Curtis

Poets, are you lonely
Like me?
Then, take these words
And wrap them
Around yourselves
Like solid velvet arms.

Take each syllable
And spread it
With light from
Moon-dropped stars.

Print out this page.
Make yourselves
A paper coronet.
Grab your dreams,
Crown yourselves
Kings and Queens of
This virtual night.

The Shadow Of Old Trees Through An Exit Door


Linda Lee Curtis

Leaves look black and lonely
When skies are gray at nine pm,
Seeming even more forgotten
When a recorder's green light
Pulses as it registers bass and treble.

Music flows out of the exit door,
Taking with it words I wish
I'd never said or heard--
Ghosts that taste of attic
Dust and crumpled papers.

The old trees stand, mute,
Probably not listening or looking.
But surely they can feel my gaze,
Wondering at their permanance,
Their shadows.

Someone to Show The Moon To


Linda Lee Curtis

Late at night, when the cats
are resting in cozy spots,
and you are sleeping,
no longer waiting or wondering
when I'll come to bed
after all these years,

I look through the metal squares
of screen in our bathroom window,
wishing on a silent summer night
that I had someone to show the moon to...

Someone who would love me
as much as I love that
gold crescent watchman
relaxing in the sky
like a star-drunk smile.