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Toby Currier


Atkinson, NH, US

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Toby Currier

The circle of friends in my altered state of being
Is slowly getting smaller as the bulk of them are seeing
That the way to health and happiness and pleasures of the heart
Is only found in cognizance and lest we fall apart
it's time to build the bridges that will unify the masses
So people let's resolve to pull our heads out of our asses



Toby Currier

Sail across the peaceful ocean
Leave to find the other side
Feel no pain, show no emotion
Tears forever locked inside

You've trIed and faiLed to show your feelings
Been cursed and damned and turned away
The wounds are deep and need much healing
Many people...dues to pay

Should you return and be rejected
as you were in days gone by?
The pain that's felt is self-inflicted
Return to shore, just one more try

The sea has no pity for fools like me
who try to hide from living life
I shall return to shore you see
And overcome this fear and strife

observational meanderings


Toby Currier

I've let negativity cloud objectivity
And creativity has been in captivity
The only obstacle to my success has been myself
manufacturing reasons for failure
sabotaging the realization of my own potential
fearing success and knowing this to be true
because I have welcomed,nay EMBRACED failure my whole life and am quite comfortable in its presence

For all my braggadocio I am but a frightened child
cowering in the corner of a bustling world
A world that has niether the inclination or the time
to show any more regard for me than the myriad other pretenders who clutter its avenues and turnstyles