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Michael J. Cunningham


Harvard, MA, US

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Michael J. Cunningham

A woman without years
Without age
Without burdens
Confidence remaining, passion retained.

Understanding, seeing clearly what lies ahead
Knowing what is missed and what to take
She sees the man
And knows the rules

Cards to play and mind with sense
She knows the way, and how to feel
But cannot risk it all
Talks real strong
But deep inside
The softness of her heart resides

Needing love and giving fully
This woman has taken little and time is running
How to go _. and make it last
Without a risk that exceeds the prize

To make it happen
To love again
To enjoy that special time within
It is not sex
Itís just a measure
Of how much more to share the pleasure.

To enter her
And love her once
Would make a man complete in love
The danger zone
The family girl
Protects all round while still concerned

She wants it all, and wants it now,
God, her son, her daughter and the worldly fun
To give, to take or love this one?
Or God decrees sheís ready_.come

She understands the real and vast
The world that dealt the past
Now she wants to take control
But not to hurt the status quo.

Oh who asked to change my role?
From lover to a mother soul
I need to have the time again
Reverse oh please, and make the measure.

Maybe this is how to deal
With complex life, and love thatís real
I give my lead to this new path
And hope that love and things wonít pass