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Roy Crouch


Manassas, VA, US

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Their Blood Still Cries


Roy Crouch

In fear,they run in terror,
As buildings start falling down,
The dear brave souls, to save a life,
In ashes,their bodies found.

At our nations,brain of war,
More blood spilled out that day,
Americans of honor,
Lost to coward ways.

In a field,more blood does cry,
With countless tears,
Their loved ones cry.

The call our nation,
Now at war,
From coast to coast,
Our anger soars.

To tell our children,
That question why?
In our hearts,
Their blood still cries.

[In memories of the victims of 911]

I Didn't Say Goodbye


Roy Crouch

You left in such a hurry,
I didn't even cry,
Now I search for answers,
Why I never said goodbye?

So many things left unsaid,
For years I,ve held it in,
The love for my mother,
She was my closest friend.

I should have stayed to help you,
With others instead I'd go,
You left this world so quickly,
How was I too know?

You always had a mothers ear,
The talks when we're alone,
To hear you say I love you,
Their warmth, now is gone.

You were our strength,yes the one,
Who made us family,
O my sweet,sweet mother,
Jesus,help me see.

Many years have passed by,
Now I'm asking why?
I set there by your bed side,
And never said goodbye.

Then the Lord Answered me,
In my heart burns the answer why,
One day you'll join your mother,
There's no need to say goodbye.

The Lord is the Potter


Roy Crouch

In the hands of the Potter
I give Him this clay
To make a new creature
And show me His way

Gentle,but strong
Is His hand on this clay
He teaches this vessel
His word to obey

He guides and He shows me
The path I must go
His way is for-ever
This love I do know

There have been some sorrows
My heart could not bare
With a touch from the Potter
For me He is there

Soon pain and sorrow
Will vanish away
The Lord is the Potter
I am the clay

Tears of Love


Roy Crouch

Today I sit all alone,
As I remembered our goodbye;
Again I felt all the hurt,
Rivers falling from my eyes.

Tear of saddened memories,
Will they ever go away?
Just too once more hold you,
How I long for one more day.

To see you smile, to touch you,
I want to give you all my love;
The emptiness inside of me,
How I miss you my beloved.

It was just for one moment,
You took time for this love I know;
For one very special moment,
You sheltered this wilted rose.

Then I begin to realize,
True love will never die;
And thanked God for this moment,
That brought tears falling from my eyes.