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Roy Wayne Crouch


Manassas, VA, US

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Dripping Faucet's


Roy Wayne Crouch

Dripping Faucet's in her mind
Slow's the passing of the time

Now these noises in her head
As she hopes he goes to bed

Then she hears that sound once more
The creeping of her bedroom door

Another night of silent shame
She searches in to whom she blames

Eyes closed tight he touches more
With hands so rough it makes her sore

Another night he finally leaves
To sleep with tears of raging seas

She holds this in the deepest pain
So mom won't know that hurt again

Now she lays down in her bed
Dripping Faucet's in her head

The Holy Mountain


Roy Wayne Crouch

O Holy Mountain,with streets of gold
Ancient of days,lover of souls

Father of mercy,grace be from He
Father of jesus,our King of Kings

His love is the purest,love we could know
And guidance,the straightest,path we could go

Our journey's cross rivers,some brook's and some stream's
In search of the mountain,home of our King

With flower's of beauty,there is no compare
Jesus the master ,leading us there

River of love,pure is your fountain
Lead us my love,to your Holy Mountain

Silent Whisper's


Roy Wayne Crouch

Openned heart's to hear their cries
Hidden tears keep asking why

Shattered dream's that have no end
Innocents ripped from within

Hollowed soul's,troubled mine's
Endless thought's waiting time

Altered life's with no remorce
Hidden cries tell of the source

Voice's carry in the wind
Telling of this hidden sin

Reaching out to you and me
Silent whispers please help me

One day these whisper's He will recall
Judgement day for one and all

The Desert Rose


Roy Wayne Crouch

I sent to you a flower,
From the depths of my soul,
To set upon your table,
To the garbage it did go.

Covered at a landfill,
My spirit sends me chills,
The color was so beautiful,
Not worthy of this deal.

How did I find out?
I didn't watch your place,
I passed you on a corner,
And saw it on your face.

A flower bring you joy,
The smell is so sweet,
Hearts are not for breaking
Or trodding under feet.

Lord please forgive me,
I don't believe they know,
The flower that I gave her,
Was The Desert Rose.

Adams Way


Roy Wayne Crouch

Starting on life's journey,
So many roads to take,
Knowing that it matters,
The decisions that we make.

Satan sets his road blocks,
Our flesh he draws away,
Roads of pain and sorrow,
A new snare every day.

Many paths he alters,
Then says that its Gods wrath,
So many fail to make the turn,
To Gods straight and narrow path.

Father God, please draw them,
Jesus fill their hearts,
Guide them Holy Spirit,
To the path where His love starts.

Errant paths, dead end roads,
It happens every day,
Satans road to blindness,
I call it Adams Way

The Crime of Passion


Roy Wayne Crouch

I noticed a change in you today,
Your kiss,a passionless lie,
Now with my mind,I try to recall,
Distant,but yet eye to eye.

You say all is well,you hurry away,
Doing things you hated before,
I try to talk,but you have to go,
In silence,I stare at the floor.

Then I noticed you talking to him,
It seems like he's always there,
I ask if you are,you say that your not,
Like I can't see this affair.

As I walk in,him in my bed,
My passion now turns to rage,
First him,then you,my anger now flows,
Like a beast let out of its cage.

I come to my sences,as I ask why?
You choose to do me this way,
Your answer was that you loved him,
Forever you changed me that day.

My mind is the judge and the jury,
The sentence to him,you I lost,
My crime,guilty of giving my heart,
To passion, not knowing the cost.

Marinades of the Heart


Roy Wayne Crouch

My heart to them I've opened,
So many loves I've known,
Time has blended heartaches,
Now hardened and alone.

Marinades of heartaches,
That took my breath away,
The void and the emptiness,
If only one would stay.

Now I feel the hour glass,
Counting off my days,
Time fades the memories,
As no love comes my way.

Thought's of different moments,
The wetness of their lips,
The beauty of their bodies,
The curve of their hips.

The thrill,as they whisper,
Sweet nothings in my ear,
These memories now replaced,
By the loneliest of fears.

Locked deep inside of me,
The scars that will not part,
From those who were my lovers,
Marinades of the Heart.

A Mothers Tears


Roy Wayne Crouch

From the womb with love,
She remembers that day,
The first time she held you,
You brightened her day.

Mother love memories,
Things no one knows,
Left with these memories,
Her tears start to flow.

The first time you walked,
With each step you'd take,
The bonds that grew stronger,
Now causes heart-aches.

Memories of school,
Years quickly did go,
From babe to teen-ager,
How fast you did grow.

The joy to her heart,
From your beautiful smile,
To tell you she loves you,
And talk for a while.

Then she was robbed,
Of many good years,
Often her memories,
Are followed by tears.

Her work not yet finished,
Gods will to be done,
Her thanks is to Jesus,
For keeping her son.

One day she will join him,
He'll show her around,
As they walk on the mountain.
Where no tears are found.

Twenty Hours


Roy Wayne Crouch

I'm headed down this interstate
Just to see you once again
Through miles of lonely high-way
I wonder how you've been.

My brain keeps sending warnings
Of things that are to come
Each mile I have to tell my-self
Its just I'm so lone-some

In my mind I'm asking
Why you seldom call?
I told you I was coming
The silence I recall

At last I get to see you
I saw it on your face
Your love that was for-ever
Gone with-out a trace

You tell me theres now some-one else
My heart absorbs this pain
Twenty hours to no-where
I'm on the road again

Several months of heart-aches
To get you off my mind
Twenty hours of wondering
True love I may never find

Seasons Change


Roy Wayne Crouch

Spring has come upon me
As Iíll find a new romance
A spark that lights a flame of love
That happens with one glance

With summer heat to fuel that flame
My days are long and bright
Someone there to hold me
This love it feels so right

Autumn bring a change in you
As your love begins to die
I have to search, with-in my self
They leave, I know not why

Winter is the worst of all
As I feel loves bitter bite
So many cold damp dreary days
And countless sleepless nights

I love them then they move on
As tears pour like falling rain
Every time Iíve known true love
Their gone like seasons change.

Loves Bitter End


Roy Wayne Crouch

When I say I love you
Iíll love you to the end
To hear you say itís over
My mind just start to spin

Searching for the answers
Dealing with the pain
Knowing that it over
My thoughts become insane

The bitterness starts growing
I feel Iíve lost control
To a anger now inside of me
As it rules me heart and soul

Has my love turned to hate
Why canít I let it go?
I feel I must get even
So you know the hurt I know

If you really love me
As must as I love you
Itís only fair for you to share
Loves bitter end as I do

Crying Eyes


Roy Wayne Crouch

The other day you tried to smile
As I looked into your eyes
I saw the pain that you have known
This girl with crying eyes

You tried to tell your mother
The things that he did
Instead she will not listen
And tries to keep it hid

Each day your life has moved on
But this you can not hide
The thing has deeply hurt you
I see this in you eyes

I ask the lord to help you
Heíll be there as your friend
Ask him, He will heal you
From the hurt you have within

If you wonder how I know this
No Iím not no special guy
Iíve known the pains that you know
I too have crying eyes

All Alone


Roy Wayne Crouch

Iíve watched you from a distance
Youíre always on my mind
I need you as a comforter
For this broken heart of mine

Youíre everything Iíve dreamed of
And hope you understand
I donít need another lover
But instead I need a friend

As I try to tell you
Whatís bottled up in me?
Iím hurt, scared and all alone
Yet, no one seems to see

I know that Iím in trouble
And have no place to go
Now added to my problems
To drugs Iíve lost control

You wonder what my problem is
Just looking into my eyes
Iím the man, whoís tired of living
But to scared of hell to die

Now I choose to be alone
To you my love in true
You dealt me pain and sorrow
And yet, I still love you

Daddy's Coming Home


Roy Wayne Crouch

The cries of our children
When their all alone
Asking each other
When's daddy coming home?

As I watch, their drove away
In tears they wave goodbye
Sex, drugs and alcohol
Their love for selfish highs
As they search for a love
That they may never find
Their dad drunk on the ground
Who's nearly lost his mind

Then I heard one asking
Dad what's wrong with you?
A beaten man is all they saw
Who's life was nearly through

As I looked upon a deck
My kids were standing there
Their looks were as if saying
He doesn't even care

Was there any help?
For a man that has no will
Slowly, but surely
The alcohol does kill

In one pleading moment
I called upon His name
Forgive me Lord Jesus
and Help me to change

Each day I grow stronger
Who showed me great mercy
And showed me his love

Now help me Lord Jesus
Undo all Iíve wronged
And comfort my dear children
Cause daddy's coming home.

Angel of Hope


Roy Wayne Crouch

I ask the Lord to send me
A true love and a friend
He sent a falling angel
Whose life I filled with sin

She told me of the word of God
He is that guiding light
With the blood of Jesus
He washed away my sins that night

She tried to tell her loved ones
I was that special man
The burdens placed upon her heart
Were more than she could stand

They took away my angel
As the evil came again
Without her love I have no will
My soul is Satans friend

Did God send an angel?
To comfort me within
Or was I just Satans tool
To tempt her life with sin

I donít believe I lost her
No not to another man
I lost her to the King of Kings
To this I say Amen

Broken Arrows


Roy Wayne Crouch

Cupidís arrow in the air
So quick to pierce my heart
I gave my love too quickly
The scars upon my heart

As they leave the arrows stem
Controls a love that will not end
Pain now inside of me
That takes my breath away

One love comes, as one love goes
Some would ease the pain
As they leave, the stem still there
I feel that hurt again

Now Iím thinking thoughtís impure
My heart I gave to loves unsure
For this heart-ache there is no cure
The pain so deep inside

As I search for some-one who
I know to me their love is true
The stem of cupidís arrow
Reminds me of the pain

To be alone and have no love
The passing of another day
The broken arrow still within
To my-self I choose to stay

A Friend Who's Always There


Roy Wayne Crouch

Some-times we take for granted
Our friend whoís always there
We fail to tell them how we feel
But yet they know we care.

The only time I seem to call
Is when Iím in a mess
Every-time I ask for help
You answer always yes

I ask the lord" what I could do?"
For my friend whoís always there
Then I bowed my head undo the Lord
For her I prayed this prayer

"Lord I thank you for our friends
Whose hearts are pure as gold
I thank you to watch over them
Who love comes from your mold

Give them peace, love and joy
And guide them all their days
Teach us through your word I pray
Of our friend who guides our way"

Gods Gift of Love


Roy Wayne Crouch

If we would look
Through our spirits eye
We would hear Gods man
Who hearts do cry

For man walks this world
To a love so vain
Yet God know the hurt
And feels the pain

The strips were many
For all to see
The pain he bore
For you and me

Now with our mouths
We confess our sins
And with his love
Our hearts do mend

Now we have found
This love that is true
Jesus bore all that hurt
This gift of love for me and you

Even Me


Roy Wayne Crouch

My life had been given
To someone deep within
A life of total darkness
Master of all sin

With death knocking at my door
I got down on my knees
My cry was help me Jesus
And yes He heard my plea

I told him of the hurt inside
As Satan had his hold on me
Then the Holy Ghost did come
And boy this Satan flea

As He sensed my need for love
His spirit dwells within
To me He is my every-thing
My lover and my friend

His love is pure, whiter then snow
As His word has made me free
He forgives me of all my sin
He for-gives me, even me

My Dream to You


Roy Wayne Crouch

If I have a dream to dream
And knew it would come true
Iíd start it out beside you
As I hear you say I do

Then raise your vale to kiss you
Your eyes would have that glow
And touch my lips to your lips
Quick, but yet so slow

I wrap my arms around you
And hold you ole so tight
Then close my eyes and thank the lord
This love, it feels so right

Then I lead you by the hand
Weíre walking through the door
The smile youíd see upon my face
And my love is forever yours

Let the Rivers Flow


Roy Wayne Crouch

Words of poetry
Waters of love
Tell them dear children
Of our Fatherís love

So many are gifted
But only few sing
Songs from the heart
Of Jesus the King

A psalmist words
Them you will know
Through the anointing
His rivers shall flow

Listen now children
As they start to sing
They sing of the love
And joy that He brings

These He has chosen
To let the world know
With waves of His glory
His rivers shall flow

"I will pour out of my spirit upon all flesh"

Father of Jesus


Roy Wayne Crouch

Today I had You on my mind
As I offered You words of praise
Tears rolling down my face
As I search for things to say

You are our God Almighty
Creator of all that I know
Your power is without measure
The purest love we could know

In my thoughts I can now see
That you know everything
Still Iím searching to find words
Praises to father Iíll sing

As I look for a saying
That would be special to you
I had a thought of my Savior
Knowing what He means to you

My God Almighty Creator
Whose love for his Lamb is true
I thank you for Jesus my Savior
Father of Jesus I sing praise for You

Miss Kimberly


Roy Wayne Crouch

God created flowers
For all the world to see
He made one special flower
I call Miss Kimberlee

Each day as you awaken
He knows that you are there
Brightens you with sun light
And handles you with care

As you lay down as night
He watches as you sleep
Angels, Heís placed around you
Your soul is his to keep

If youíve made an error
Youíre covered with his love
He watches his little flower
From his mighty throne above

One day youíll stand before him
As Jesus says this is she
God will say I know her
My little flower Miss Kimberlee

Signs Wonders and the Word


Roy Wayne Crouch

As man looks to this world
For peace he will not find
In Gods word weíre warned of this
If we read we see His signs

Gods Spirit lead revivals
Men choose to stay at home
Peopleís hearts now fail them
In fear their all alone

Teachers sent to show them
Peace comes from with His word
Those who went now rest in God
They had ears that heard

The earth is always shaking
One big then many small
Then say that their just after shock
Again they miss Gods call

Seasons lost, rivers swell
Street now like mighty streams
If they would draw close to God
Heíd warn them in the dream

Children now cold hearted
Violence like never seen
They even kill their parents
Screeched cries of window screams

He gave His love to us His Son
And paid the price for sin
His word it dwells among us
No time to take it in.

Now they cry we did not know
Please open up the door
Depart I never knew you
The sharpness of His sword

Peace Be Still


Roy Wayne Crouch

Captain of this vessel
The world an open sea
No one knows the battles
Storms that no one sees

Dark clouds the horizon
To what this storm unknown
Seas always raging
My life just hanging on

Another storm has surfaced
That cries our life or death
In labor I now struggle
Clinging to lifeís breath

As Iím tossed to and fro
Will I sink or will I float
The hardness of this ocean
The weakness of my boat

Suddenly in the distance
Sounds of a rushing mighty wind
Peace be still is whispered
With calm, the storm now ends

Calvaryís cross I cling to
For me he choose those nails
Lost but not forsaken
He calms the mighty gale

Dream or Vision


Roy Wayne Crouch

Awakened to the sound of hoofs
Pounding on the ground
A rider on a white horse
In fear, I made no sound

In shame I hid my face from Him
My cry, Jesus helps me, twice
Then my spirit moaned to Him
An utterance I spoke that night

In what seems like seconds
Total peace He placed on me
Then He left without a word
This was Jesus I did see

As I try to tell them
Of that night He appeared to me
The pureness of His presence
And love he showed to me

Why did he appear to me?
To share with you this story
The Son of God is coming soon
These eyes have seen His Glory

By His Strips We Are Healed


Roy Wayne Crouch

God made us a promise
In Jesus blood itís sealed
Faith comes by hearing
And by His strip we are healed

As soon as we hear this word
Satan comes at us with fear
Then steals the word from our hearts
His lies are all we hear

He tells us that this sickness
Is to bring God glory
So many lose their life to this
The devils twisted story

Soldiers now draw out you sword
Attack him with Gods word
He will bow, and flee from us
In Jesus name Satan heard

Feed upon the word of life
This bread our daily meal
Sickness must flee from us
By His strips we are healed

Roots of Our Family Tree


Roy Wayne Crouch

Standing tall before us
Our history we can see
Americans of valor
And their fight to keep us free

Many wars and battles
Our fathers and our sons
With mothers and our daughters
This torch that passes on

I write, not of family
Not even about tall trees
Itís about the roots of people
Whoíve kept our nation free

Each day we all go to work
The roots that no one sees
So they raise our taxes
It helps to keep us free

Now roots be strong our nation
We have to pay our price
Some pay this with their money
Others pay this with their life

So stand tall America
So our children can be free
Our roots are in our blood and sweat
Americaís roots our family tree

He Holds My Heart


Roy Wayne Crouch

Peace Heís placed upon my heart
My burdens He takes away
I roll my care unto the Lord
And know His peace today

As I dwell in the secret place
Under the shadow of the Lord
I thank Him for keeping me
As Heís given me His Sword

The stormís are often many
These darts that Satan throws
My shield of faith now filled with darts
Those hurts Iíll never know

To Him I give all my love
As His Spirit grabs those darts
To Him I trust with all my love
Yes Jesus holds my heart

The Flight of the Eagle


Roy Wayne Crouch

North to south, east to west
The eagles bearing lost
Two landmarks gone forever
The aftermath and the cost

Some say rebuild them
Others grieve in pain
Grave sites revisited
Tears that flow again

Americans now watch the skies
Silent fear of those that fly
Most with unanswered question
As they ask each other why?

Soldiers sent to battle
In search for those that hid
Our enemies are cowards
Dust in the eagleís eye

America lets spread our wings
Like the eagle soars in flight
Stand tall above these cowards
As the eagle makes thing right

He Refused Me Not


Roy Wayne Crouch

At a young man at seventeen
His presence entered my life
A foolish kid, I pushed Him away
For the lust of my wife

At twenty three came trouble
He saw and came again
I choose my lust for alcohol
And refused His helping hand

Then at age thirty two
My wife, lost to another man
In all that hurt I still said no
As I pushed away His hand

As thirty eight, demon filled
I cursed and slandered His name
Then I called out to ask for His help
As I hung my head in shame

Then came the mightiest of battles
Demons and Angels they fought
Then to Gods Glory He save me
In trouble He refused me not

Everyday is Mothers Day


Roy Wayne Crouch

Time has faded memories,
Of what motherís day meant to me.
So I write of my special mother,
That I see through her youngest three.

Each time that I am with them,
Sheís always on their minds.
A card or treat of candy,
A gift for her they must find.

She takes them to play soccer,
Their games are at the same time.
Back and forth she watches them,
In her presence they do fine.

Then it off to swimming,
Sheís three to see all three.
In their mind, they want to win,
Cause motherís watching me.

As I watch I listen,
I know to you they would say.
Mom each day is special,
Every-day is motherís day.

Private J. Lynch


Roy Wayne Crouch

From the hills of West Virginia
Private J.Lynch is her name
A little town called Palestine
She rises to fame

One of many soldiers
With honor and pride
Her company is ambushed
Just a few would survive

Back in our home land
No one knows their fate
With prayers for their safety
We all set and wait

Then we see the news clip
Soldiers move her from harms way
To see this wounded soldier
Touched so many hearts that day

We all watch her journey
So many asking why?
This girl from West Virginia
Drew tears from our eyes

Americans need a sweetheart
Whose worthy of fame
Sheís in our hearts forever
Private J. Lynch is her name.

Abortion [Life or death]


Roy Wayne Crouch

This newness of life
Iím so excited; I feel the warmth of motherís womb
Iím so glad she doesnít smoke or drink
I know our love will be strong
I canít wait to see her face

To go to school with other kids
Ride a Bicycle or roller skates
To spend time with friends and family
Dances, School events Proms, college
I could be a doctor,lawyer,nurse,,,
Buy a beautiful home

The cars are so nice
And so many to chose from
To date, fall in love and marry
Have my own children

Raise them with the same type of love
Iíve received
Becoming a grandparent
Touching people in this world of all nations

With a love straight from God
The excitement is without measure

What, where did dad go?
Why is mom crying?
Donít cry mom Iíll take care of you

Mom, Dad why did you kill me

The Fiddlers Three


Roy Wayne Crouch

If I could choose three people,
As them, Iíd like to be.
Three of Gods favorite children,
I call them the fiddlers three.

Wiser then most, they walked this land,
Always worshiping God up above.
They humbled their selfís before Him,
And gained favor from His throne of love.

God is the God of honor,
The one who knows everything.
He knows the tunes that are in our hearts,
And the words to the songs, that we sing.

Many do shout and many do dance,
Listen close to the words of their song.
They dance to the tune of the word they live in,
The words that they sing are all wrong.

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego,
Would not bow down to the king.
The fire had no power to hurt them,
As the forth man is to whom they sing.

God gave His Son, so dance and sing,
So worthy of this is He.
To the pits of hell, He paid our price,
Like He did for the fiddlers three.

Have You Heard


Roy Wayne Crouch

Today at your grave-side,
I remembered those words.
The call that changed forever,
Hey, have you heard.

Johnny shot Carol!
As she tried to run away.
Her death was within seconds,
I still recall that day.

I set now by your grave side,
And speak, as though you hear.
Wishing I could hold you,
To me you were so dear.

You know that I loved you,
As I waited for a dance.
First Billy, then Johnny,
I never got my chance.

I always thought that someday,
You would come back to me.
My love that was forever,
Lost, to tragedy.

I wipe the tears and walk away,
The haunting of those words.
The words that changed forever.
Hey, have you heard.

The Lady I Call Snow


Roy Wayne Crouch

I met her on gloomy night
My life was near its end
The women that I truly loved
Said itís over, lets just be friends

My heart now torn wide open
My thoughts I lost control
To comfort from this hurt inside
Entered the lady I call snow

The first time that she held me
I knew right from the start
She knew I had a weakness
As she stole me broken heart

People who were my friends
Iíd use, and then let go
So I could dance, with my new romance
This lady I call snow

She teased me, then she please me
My life she now controlled
To have her hold me one more time
As she rules my heart and soul

I ask the lord to help me
Her price I could no longer pay
To continue with this deceiving love
I saw death in distant days

The pains of a broken heart
To know the hurts I know
Donít trust your heart, to this deceiving high
Sheís the lady I call snow

Political Ball


Roy Wayne Crouch

We vote and send to congress
Our nationís biggest hall
They learn to do the two step
And forget to whom this call

So many fancy dinners
As we give to them a chance
They smile as they turn away
For us there is no dance

They promise us a better life
But take so many things
Rich stay rich and poor stay poor
And the middle feels the sting

Each bill we pay more taxes
They sing the same ole song
Federal cuts our taxes
States keeps taxing on

Our voice we sent now silent
The music drowns the call
Theyíve learned to do the two-step
At our nations Political Ball

Weep No More


Roy Wayne Crouch

You told me of your heart-aches,
This hurt so deep inside.
You tremble at the thought of love,
With fear you choose to hide.

As we talk, I watch your face,
Your eyes will tell no lies.
Then I tried to kiss you,
As tears came from your eyes.

Now you turn and walk away,
I ask you what Iíve done.
You said you opened up your heart,
To so many hit and runs.

Now with calm and reason,
I reach with open arms.
To me you are so beautiful,
I wish to you no harm.

To you I ask for just one chance,
Before you close this door.
To kiss the wounds, that scars your heart,
My darling, weep no more.

Angel Tears


Roy Wayne Crouch

Sitting on His throne above
Yes Majesty on high
He hears the voice of Angel
As tears fall from her eyes

With no one else to hear her
Her torment from within
Buried in her heartache
Is someones secret sin

She knows that she's in trouble
And knows not where to go
She calls up to the throne on high
Where angels call their home

Listen now from the voice
That calms the mighty winds
That knows the name and faces
Of those with secret sins

And hears the broken hearted
Whose cries come to His throne
To you He says He love you
And says your not a lone

Words He sent anointed
With healing on their wings
To heal the broken hearted
His joy makes angels sing

Be strong and of good courage
And heed the words you hear
The washing of His waters
Dries up Angel Tears

Angel Tears


Roy Wayne Crouch

Sitting on His throne above
Yes Majesty on high
He hears the voice of Angel
As tears fall from her eyes

With no one else to hear her
Her torment from within
Buried in her heartache
Is someones secret sin

She knows that she's in trouble
And knows not where to go
She calls up to the throne on high
Where angels call their home

Listen now from the voice
That calms the mighty winds
That knows the name and faces
Of those with secret sins

And hears the broken hearted
Whose cries come to His throne
To you He says He love you
And says your not a lone

Words He sent anointed
With healing on their wings
To heal the broken hearted
His joy makes angels sing

Be strong and of good courage
And heed the words you hear
The washing of His waters
Dries up Angel Tears

Faithful Servant


Roy Wayne Crouch

Iím guided to the brightest light,
From this earth we all must part.
Iím over-whelmed by beauty,
And met by patriarchs.

Abrahamís bosom, also known as paradise.
Welcomed by ole Abe himself, this is my after life.

Taken to a large white room,
A chair that faced twelve thrones.
I sit before twelve elders, in fear, I felt alone.

As one says you did this, I see it on a screen.
Another says and also, they show me many things.

I think of all the bad things,
So many things Iíve done.
In fear I start to tremble,
On a cross I see Gods Son.

Then I see a table, thatís there right next to me.
Some-ones placed a bloody lamb,
The elders fall to their knees.

Then I heard an echo, like the washing of the seas.
The elders start to tremble,
As I hear "This one belongs to me"

Then Iím taken to the throne,
In the presence of His Glory.
Jesus calls me the psalmist Roy,
For writing of Gods Glory.

I turn to see a multitude,
Of people that know my name.
They said they read the poems I wrote,
That confessed our Saviors name.

Jesus points to a street of gold,
As I wondered what this meant.
Then the words I long to hear,
Well done thou good and faithful servant.

The Latter Rains


Roy Wayne Crouch

As I walked down the street today,
I tell them of Jesusí Way.
A drink from the well of the Master,
But they push this cup away.

I witness of His unwavering love,
As He paid the price for our sins.
Just open your heart and ask Him,
Jesus will gladly come in.

They laugh; they curse, and mock me
Wonít hear what I have to say.
Deaths grip, binds them so tightly,
I pray in search of a way.

Then they explode in anger,
Chains of bondage will not let them go.
Then came His voice with the answer,
The answer that we all need to know.

Satanís the one, whoís blinded them,
Now you know whoís to blame.
So pray to the Lord of the harvest,
That they receive the Latter Rains.

Seasons Out Of Time


Roy Wayne Crouch

As I try to close my eyes,
And rest my thoughts from you.
I lay here now wide awake,
Not knowing what to do.

Confession comes when our minds,
And hearts are out of synch.
Restless nights of give and take,
Wondering what you think?

Now Iím on this journey,
My mind says go this way.
In heart I will not listen,
No matter what you say.

Pressure now keeps building,
Pulling me to that time,
When you said I love you,
Everything seemed fine.

As I look more closely,
I see a distant stare.
The day you needed me for you,
The day I was not there.

Why do I now see this?
So clearly in my mind.
Now I see the love we had,
Was seasons out of time.

The Last Dragon


Roy Wayne Crouch

Those who dare to know him,
Be it lover or be it friend.
I will tell them of the heartaches,
And their torments from within.

Each time Iíve known a lover,
That should have been a friend.
A broken heart is my reward,
These scare that have no end.

Those who were indeed my friend,
At a distance I should have stayed.
I never ment to hurt them,
But the spirit had his way.

Now I am his victim,
As he tortures me within.
As I start to lose control,
For me this means the end.

They lust to be his lover,
But only few could see.
The lustful demon spirit,
That dwells inside of me.

As they dare to hold him,
Heíll fill their life with sin.
Itís only then that they will know,
The snare of The Last Dragon.

Empty Doll House


Roy Wayne Crouch

Little girlís doll house,
Someoneís entered in.
Corrupted her dream world,
This dissolute friend.

The smile as they hold her,
The sickest of kin.
Touching her places,
She donít under-stand.

With no understanding,
She senses no alarm.
Keeping this secret,
Seeing no harm.

As she grows older,
These things that they do.
Now seem confusing,
Her trust is in you.

Then it happens,
You go way too far.
Her mind now seems distant,
Her soul you have scarred.

Sheís lost too a secret,
Empty doll house she stays.
You have taken her dream world,
And thrown it away.

Tender are the Moments


Roy Wayne Crouch

Tender are the moments,
When I looked into your eyes.
Memories of your beauty,
That warmed me deep inside.

The first time that we danced,
Your heart-beat next to mine.
The smell of your fragrances,
As I kiss you the first time.

Iím burning like a furnace,
As the moment marks the time.
Your quivers from my touches,
Forever in my mind.

You lay your head upon my chest,
My heart-beat sings to you.
The passion of that moment,
When I said that I love you.

Time has put a distance,
Between the love that we once knew.
But tender are the moments,
And memories, that I have of you.