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Clifton Clay Cromberg


Hamilton, MS, US

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Clifton Clay Cromberg

This tainted porcelain flesh
Shifting, Shaping, Sculpting
Woman forming Woman
Your spirit a dark wind
Coiling, Stretching, Reaching
Your heart a wild stalking beast
Timid, Powerful, Playful
Your body clay soft
Raw, Pink, Alabaster
Your mind a living ocean
Dancing, Magical, Emerald
Depths of Imagination

The Solitude Of Rain


Clifton Clay Cromberg

I drifted into solitude

after sipping aged wine

from a crystal chalice.

The distant thunder brought

with it a mist of soft rain.

This heartbeat of solitude

formed an array of colors.

Suddenly a flash of lightning

mixed with candles glowing

brought an array of shadows,

that seemed to dance over me.

Among the smells of calm made storm,

fell the solitude of self,

fell the hours of sleep.

When I awoke I was surprised to see

the storm had passed right over me.