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Michael Richard Craycraft


Mason, OH, US

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Curious Girl


Michael Richard Craycraft

When life begins, the world is small
Only a glance needed, to see it all
Mom and dad, maybe sister,maybe brother
When you're small, you need no other
When you grow, your world grows with you
You begin to see, more than you knew
The human mind , is a wonderful thing
Grow and reaad and write, maybe even sing
All young life is a great adventure
What you see, what you learn, not sure
Many will tell you, this or that path
In your mind,only you choose what you have
Sail the seas, like a giant man
Lay the bricks in pattern,build your plan
Do not rely, on offering persuasion
Let all see,that you're your own person
History came before, history will today be
Use all knowledge, your mind and life free
Perceive the culture, from around the world
Live your life and forever be, that curious girl.

for Maa , that curious girl

Love Is.......


Michael Richard Craycraft

What is love , does it have a measure.

How do we quantify , this exquisite , painful treasure.

This is the view from one man's mind.

About this elusive jewel , sometimes hard to find.

All our lives can be consumed by the quest.

But it can fall right on you , who could have guessed.

For me , my pleasure , has always come with pain.

Over the years , I am not sure , what has been gained.

Love is the empty feeling , inside your chest.

Watching your family leave , after trying your best.

Sitting and crying , day after day , on the grave of your love.

You hope to heaven , that she has gone up above.

Love is waiting two years , to have your wife by your side.

Only to discover , it was all smothered in lies.

So where does a man , go from here.

Will you connect , with the one you hold dear .

Or will love be elusive , for many a year.

I know when I feel it , What Love Is.

for Cindy's friend

Unwanted Love


Michael Richard Craycraft

When your star is here , not in the heavens above.

Yet life , does not let your spirits align.

Where do you go , with your unwanted love.

Do you hold it within you , until the ends of time.

Or do you let it fly free , like some beautiful dove.

How do you go on , when one plus one , equals only one.

Love has come and gone , in times before.

Do you remember what it was like , to be over , done.

When the chance evaporates , closing the door.

How in this big world , do you carry on.

Some say , you can put your love away , in a box.

Some will say , why not get on with your life.

Others will surely say , it's a paradox.

Your paradise lost , will bring you only strife.

Only to leave , your emotions , tied in knots.

Only living tomorrow , will tell you , what tomorrow brings.

Wait and love , and be the best you can.

Invest your time wisely , that's the thing.

Maybe you will end up , being an also ran.

If fate smiles on you , perhaps two hearts can sing.

for my love Mei Tan