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Adam Wade Crawford


Ridgely, TN, US

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Adam Wade Crawford

There are no more words.
I can no longer write.
A poet so disturbed---
Could never be right.

A mind so torn,
But still working fine.
From the rose's thorn---
And the everlasting fire.
But since I was born---
My soul has grown tired.

My eyes have been dark,
But sight was never taken.
A dog or tree bark?
My words were mistaken.
I was left with a mark.
My words have been shaken.
It all turned out bad,
But it was not intended.
The poetry they had---
Was never defended.

A heart so barred---
I could not break free.
I'm finding it hard,
Cause it could not be.
I'm finding it hard,
Because I could not believe.
I have vowed to go far---
And not be decieved.

A Midnight Storm


Adam Wade Crawford

Rain falling hard,
In a midnight storm,
Our hearts barred,
Our minds bored,

And as we fall,
In that midnight storm,
We reach that hall,
Again we are born,

But in the end,
In this midnight storm,
My love I will send,
To forever keep you warm,

As we reach this time,
Our hearts not yet torn,
We'll walk hand in hand,
To witness the end.....
Of a midnight storm.

Rest In Peace


Adam Wade Crawford

I closed my eyes as she walked past
The empty feeling, away was cast--
To the deepest pit way too fast
But the sweetest feeling didn't last
It faded away into the crowded mass
I was truly sorry to see it pass

The memory is sweet,
But the thought haunts me
Written at my feet--
Are the words that daunt me:
There is no air. Nothing 's free
Nothing's fair. Nothing's complete
No one shares. No one defeats
No one cares. No one heeds
No one's scared of dirty deeds
The more you cry,The more you see
The victim here was not a she
Life's not fair, No one's free
Here lies me, Rest in peace