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John Crankshaw


Blackwood, NJ, US

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One More


John Crankshaw

Another loss, another name
To add to the list that's filled with pain
But that's what happens when playing this game,
It's time to retire and leave with shame.
One more chance to light the flame
Stop playing with me, I'm done with games.

Another shot, just one more try
To get it right this final time.
No more games and no more lies
No more girls and no more lines
I can't believe you made me cry,
You're all I want at this time.



John Crankshaw

I woke up this morning and looked at the clock,
Crawled outta bed and put on some socks,
Woke up my boy, just gave him a little knock.
We heard some ruckus on the roof
So I said what is this?
So I took a look out the window
Saw a flash and heard someone shout ho ho ho.
Me and my boy grinned ear to ear
And simultaneosly shouted "Chrismas day is here!"
So we ran down the steps minds filled with chear
Tried to catch a glimpse of them magical reindeer.
Can't help but to wonder if I got what I wanted this year.
I took a look around, looked under the tree.
What did I get, what do I see?
Two boards, bindings, boots, goggles and a helmet too.
Damn, Santa came through, that niggas got loot.
So I grabbed up my stuff and threw it in the car,
Got ready for a ride cause we're going kinda far.
Started up the lude and gave it some gas,
We almost got whiplash I took off so fast.
When we got to the mountain and strapped on our shit.
Took a little run, did a lot of tricks,
Yo that shit was sick, Check out this video clip.



John Crankshaw

Well the call me JC
and I'm from the Streets
I'm a hardcore nigga that can rock the beat
I'ma tell ya right now don't fuck wit me
Or i'll knock ya on your ass, right off your feet
You're gonna lie on your back, begin to scream
I'ma spit in yo' face, It's 'bout to get obscene
You'll prolly black out and start to dream.
I'll call up the ambulance, they'll rush to the scene.
I told you bit*h don't fu*k wit me....
Or any member o' my dirty jerz TEAM

Time for a Change


John Crankshaw

These feelings are worng, I've not a doubt
As the anger rises, I scream and pout
Control is lost and so is the bout.
Like thunder crashing through innocent clouds.

I look at things wrong, it's really quite clear.
If I get hurt, will the world show fear?
If I do well, will China look and chear?
The Earth revolves around me, didn't you hear?

I treat others badly, I wish it weren't true.
I love them all dearly, they've not a clue.
The views I express are often untrue.
The feelings they're left, sadly are blue.

I wish I weren't wrong, I'm trying to change.
I want to do right, I swear on my name.
I really am sorry, I take all the blame.
I'm becoming selfless as I put out the flame.



John Crankshaw

In and out you go
If makes me feel so low
In and out you go
I wish it wasn't so.

I know that you must do
Something that's good for you
But I just don't know
Why you come and go.

I am so very glad
When given the chance to hold your hand
But when again you decide to leave,
You fill my heart with misery.

The feelings we hold so dearly
Can often be seen quite clearly
So no more in and out!
It's time to reverse my frown.

Come in and stay or leave for good.
I hate to say it but I wish you would
Live your life separate from me
I'm sorry, but closure's what I need.



John Crankshaw

Just days ago I knew
Ablolutely nothing of you
But now it seems as if
I do and it's a gift.

I can stare into your eyes
For hours at a time.
I love to feel your touch
And can never get enough.

I hope your day went well,
I hope the news was swell
I hope you have no grief,
But finally relief.

If the news was not the best,
Sit down and take a rest.
Although you may feel pain,
Remember sun comes after rain.

Whether happy or blue,
I'll be there for you
Whenever you want to talk,
Pick up the phone and call.

--I'll be there

The great Tree


John Crankshaw

The once proud, abundant tree
Now stands with just a single leaf.

On an old, whithered, near-death limb,
A single leaf sways in the warm summer wind.

Not long ago, this great tree was green and full of life.
Until gradually the color faded, but not without a fight.

The lively leaves began to fall, one by one.
In the snow, the wind, the rain and even the strong summer sun.

It's not the weather, or age that's killing this arborious creature,
Because in the forest, all his siblins are filled with leaveture.

As the days went by, this poor old tree was becomming more and more bare.
While the one thing that could rejuvenate him was out of reach, seamingly without a care.

The leaves continued to fall and the changes are now very evident.
Without movement forward, the tree is likely to become transparent.

The tree barely stands now in this summer storm of sleet.
Amazingly still holding on to that last single leaf~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~of hope.



John Crankshaw

At the very sight of your beautiful face,
My heart commences this amazing race.

When our wandering eyes finally meet,
My body quickly shiver, way down to my feet.

At the very sense of your silky smooth touch,
Deep down inside I know that I can't get enough.

Whenever I smell your wonderful scent,
It makes me so happy just knowing we met.

Because of the feelings you placed in my heart,
I just can't stand it whenver we're apart.

Snowboard Freestyle


John Crankshaw

When I ride on my board, people tend to stare
They sit back and wish they could get so much air.

When I roll up to a jump I bust mad tricks.
Niggas wish they could bust shit that sick.

I hit the jump and get upside-down.
Grab onto my board and spin it around
Land on my feet smoothly on the ground.
Keep your eyes open, I'm bout to hit this rail
You know that I will never ever bail.
Tell me what you think of me now.

I can't stand riding on the lift
So I usually jump off into a cliff.
I ride down so friggin quick
Roll up to a box and bust a backside lip.
When the day's over, I'll pack up my shit.
Start the drive home and call up my bitch.
Get to the crib and drink til I'm sick

Price of Freedon


John Crankshaw

The nights pass by quick...
And the days even quicker
Pages on the calander are ripped...
And the dreaded day draws nearer.
The day when this young man gets shipped...
To Texas for desert acclimation.
To fight for freedom...
And the citizens of this nation.
This war won't protect OUR loved ones...
Yet the citizens of another.
Iraqi Freedom they call it...
I call it a bother.
What's wrong with Bush...
Why's he wanna play father?
With countries of the world...
Why even bother?
He's not overseas fighting...
And scared for his life.
He's in the White House smiling...
Eating dinner with his wife.
I'm the one sweating...
And breathing in sand.
Wiping blood off my face...
With the back of my hand.
While he's down in Texas...
Working on his tan.
I work all day...
And dodge bullets at night.
I guess that's the way...
To show my sacrifice.
For a country that's spoiled...
And to think...all this over oil.

Every American


John Crankshaw

This is for every American who watched those two planes in the sky.
Every American woman who lost her guy.
Every American man who lost his wife.
Every American who knows somebody that died.
Every American who shed a tear from their eye
This is for every American period, dead or alive.

The first plane hit...
Then another
The first building fell
Then the other.
We need to pull together
and Unite as one.
Now more than ever,
until Terrorism is Done.
Our freedom has been compromised
And now we need to fight
To regain our freedoms
And cherish our lives.
Regain our spirits
And keep patriotism alive.

This battle we shall win
This war, we'll overcome.
When it's over, we'll all grin
And be glad it's finally done.
But for the mother whose only son
Is fighting in the desert,
That day can never come
Sooner than forever.

Or the husband sitting back.
Whose wife is in Iraq.
Getting his kids ready for school
Going to work and keeping his cool
Watching the phone for hours.
Waiting for her call.
The opportunities aren't often
That he can talk to her at all.

This is for every American who stood in awe
Every American who's now standing tall.
For Every American...
"With Liberty and Justice for All."