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Scott Cowell


Wallaceburg, Ontario, CA

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Scott Cowell

I've loved,
I've hated,
I've trusted,
I've got used,
I've helped,
I've been played,
I guess im that fool,
Never again will i play the part,
My heart stopped it is dead,
I walk around with a look on my face,
I dont give a fuck of any kind of race,
Is there anything real cause it all looks fake to me,
I use to be good as u can see,
But all you people killed that for me,
Now all you see is this asshole to be,
No more nice things to say or do,
I say and do what i want so why dont all
Go fuck off!
This wall i put up will never come down
Good luck trying your
Just going to look like
A clown,
If you can tell im done
Messing around i wish i never came back to this town,
Its all made of lies and cheaters, drama queens and haters,
But to my close friends thank you
Now lets drink some whiskey and beer.