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Charles A. Cowan


Greenville, NC, US

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Walk Hand In Hand


Charles A. Cowan

Again we trod on the glittering sand
By a rolling sea,to walk hand in hand
Where time togather was all that mattered
Until one day our world was shattered

A cry in the wind,she called out to me
Then was pulled under by an angry sea
Leaving me alone on the shore
As she passed through heaven's door

By a sea of memory,I now walk alone
Retracing her footsteps,now long gone
She's gone forever,yet her presence's here
Like a guarding angel walking very near

I feel her touch when soft breezes blow
And see her swimming when the tide is low
I hear her voice somewhere out there
Where we use to play to our heart's desire

I see her face in the mist of the waves
Smiling up at me in her loving ways
As if saying words I've heard before
"Darling I'll love you forever more"

The days will go and tomorrows will pass
From reality through memory,our love will last
In spirit she is with me,the only way she can
On the shore beside me,to walk hand in hand
{ A selection from my poetry web page:"The Chateau Of Poetry" }

Call Of The Crystal Coast


Charles A. Cowan

Blow Carolina winds and awake my dream
Journey me down East by that rolling sea
To cast my shadow there among a coastal scene
Where life and sea reigns in harmony

Summer winds blow your breath upon my face
Touch my being with your misty spray
Where nature holds life in endless embrace
Setting hearts at peace and minds to play

I'll coast awhile down memory lane
Arousing my dream to coastal reality
Of being at home with my fantasy again
There on the Crystal Coast reliving a memory

Wild as wind blows sail gulls in the air
Carassing blue waters for food to eat
Near Atlantic Beach fulfilling an affair
Satisfying their needs and putting wants to sleep

I long for summer to flee this wintry duration
When my dream will find me among seashore hosts
In a world of sand,sea and sun of God's creation
Living a dream come true on the Crystal Coast

Last Stop Before Sundown


Charles A. Cowan

Tired eyes with no vision
An aged mind incapable of decision
Ears to listen for sounds not heard
A mouth speaking no intelligent word

A love one placed in a villa for care
When responsibility was too great to bear
To live until that day when
Time would bring means to an end

Soon the love one is no longer loved
But forgotten,not visited as was
Lying in wait for each day to pass
Bringing some tomorrow to be the last

Kinfolk Is A Comin


Charles A. Cowan

Kinsfolk is a comin,I just got the call
Got to make quick preparations to serve them all
The hour is late and it's just before lunch
Sure hope they like crackers served with punch

Kinsfolk is a comin,I'll greet them with a smile
But being happy about it, is not my style
I'll get in some hugs and a few kisses will do
To make it look like I really wanted too

Kinsfolk is a comin and that's all right
As long as they leave before midnight
They say, "Don't feed animals and they'll disapear"
Now my mind's thinking of such an idea

Kinsfolk is a comin,so I can't watch the soaps
Too much gossip and too many jokes
With a little luck I'll get in a word
Short lived but doubtfully heard

Kinsfolk is a comin and bringing little boys
I'm hiding pots and pans or they,ll become toys
If kinsfolk would use a rod of correction
My things would have a lot more protection

Kinsfolk is a comin,so I'm leaving to get
To someplace,I haven't even heard of yet
When kinsfolk arrive they'll find at best
That this ole bird has flown from the nest

Kinsfolk is a comin,but not right away
All this peace and guiet is making my day
I'll visit kinsfolk tomorrow to see how they react
And find if they love me or putting on an act

Flying Off The Handle


Charles A. Cowan

My nerves are shot and I'm about through
Doing anything for anybody that I can do
I'm laughed at,fussed at and beaten to a pulp
Now I'm thinking my mind has gone corrupt
One stept forward to regain my wits
Sends me three stepts backwards into fits
Popping pills to waste those headache pains
Blows my mind crazy and drives me insane

Got to get a one-way ticket to a peace of mind
Then I'm making tracks to leave it all behind
Until then it's going to be a daily battle
To keep my sanity from flying off the handle.

First One Thing,Then Another


Charles A. Cowan

I do the things you want me too
And try to please you when I do
But if I don't do things your way
Then what I've done is not OK
I know you love me when you cry
"Hurry! get me some water before I die"
So I run a distance to do the chore
When drink was right there by your door

There's first one thing,then another
That gives my leasure such a bother
If I was free to have what I don't
A slave would be what I would want

Come this Sunday I'm going on vacation
Taking a litte trip for some relaxation
Found out your're packing to come with me
Think I'll go sky-diving out over the sea

But now after all is said and done
I would really miss my love one
If she was'nt mine to come first
To honor and obey for better or worse

Man's Image in Jeopardy


Charles A. Cowan

I try to and most men do
The very best they can
But I have failed in every detail
Trying to be a perfect man
I want to be the man you see
When you look up to your ideal
So flatter me up with just enought
Personality to make it seem real

Please not too much but just a touch
Of what you're doing to me
Don't make me what I'm really not
When it comes to plain ole reality

I'm a simple guy whose wondering why
You bothered to come my way
Perhaps looking a man for a one night stand
And not for a permanent place to stay

On Top of Bottom


Charles A. Cowan

I've been where going
Was too tough to bear
Almost to self destruction
But not quiet there
Where plans were made
To rise up fast
With lots of determination
That didn't last
My mind often journeyed
Down memory lane
This time the trip is different
The ride isn't the same
For the arrival of my memory
Needed a rest stop to think
How to rise to top of bottom
When trouble tempted me to drink

I got enough common sense
For what I need to know
To get me past not knowing
When self-confidence is low
For too much going on
Cramps my style of thinking
To send my mind into confusion
But not to the point of breaking

My day is longtime coming
For sunshine to dry my tears
Sheded under clouds of turbulence
Down through stormy years
Cold rains will fall
Strong winds will blow
But God keeps me sheltered
From the falling snow

Coming of The Storm


Charles A. Cowan

From sunshine to the shadows
To reap the cool of the day
I'm crossing over weeping green meadows
Seeking a refuge along my way
My flesh burns red touched by secular flame
Scorching me down to my inner-being
That promps my soul for falling rain
To douse these thoughts of disbelieving

Suddenly a shower of eviction beseiged my soul
And lightning flashed my past before me
Then turbulence rained on my life to unfold
The violent winds corrupting my path to eternity

With heart-beat like thunder,my eyes blinded by wind
I prayed to God for shelter from clouds that storms
Then He purged my heart by deliverance from sin
And now my soul lies sheltered in His loving arms

I can see clearly now the storm has gone
To journey deep dark valleys to that mountain peak
Where I can look up to heaven and see my new home
Higher than where storm clouds can reach.