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Caroline Cousens


Honiton, England, UK

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Caroline Cousens

Weaver of dreams that you spin from your heart,
The dreams that you dream and the seas that you chart,
Stepping stone songs, islands of chords,
Potions of magic, wrapped up in your words.

Weaver of magical heart felt creations,
With alluring appeal and dream-like sensations,
Smoke screens of sound that cascade like a fall,
Sung just for one, but meant for us all.

Oh, weaver of magic - wizard of time,
The appeal in your love songs, each word that you rhyme.
The sigh in your voice, the call that I hear,
Conjures up visions of love's atmosphere.

Wheeler and dealer, attention assured,
Alone in the spotlight, the only sound heard,
Performer unique and blender of spells,
Hear the sea murmur inside the sea shells.

When I hear your music, I soar and I wheel,
I ride on the heaven that you make me feel.
A unicorn gallop, a trip to the moon,
A love song, a ballad, each song that you croon.

So, weaver of love songs, where-ever you pause,
You'll find adoration and warming applause.
The distance between us will fade like a mist,
Each note you create is a blushing cheek kissed.



Caroline Cousens

Sprinkle stardust in my hair,
Brush my cheek with snow,
Drift across my vision's reach,
And feel my loving grow.

Touch my heart whilst we're apart,
Send me roses red,
Falling petals in my lap,
Like the tears I've shed.

Draw my drapes in wondrous shapes,
Bring the night time's glow,
Use that touch I crave so much,
For - I truly love you so.



Caroline Cousens

I cup my hands around your face,
And wonder that such beauty should exist.
That chance convergence should result,
In such a masterpiece as this.

Your cupid countenance provides the frame,
Encompasses your being - so sublime,
Each feature on its own, just speaks of love,
Together - clear perfection out of time.

Your iridescent presence shining through,
Those deep grey eyes melt every heart you touch,
With lashes, long and languid, silky soft,
The feelings they convey are just too much.

Your perfect nose, a lovely work of art,
Those nostrils, flared when you are cross,
Shaped cheeks, an artist's moulded curve,
Blonde hair, a cloud of candy floss.

But oh - the feature I love most,
Those lips - two butterflies in bed,
Perplex my reason,mesmerise my mind,
Drive prudence, sense and reason from my head.

They hover moist - inviting and divine,
Just asking - will you be mine?
And how can I refuse your siren's call,
When in this world, you are my all?