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Nicole Cotterman


Stillwater, PA, US

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Nicole Cotterman

Tell me I am dreaming, that I am still in bed.
Please tell me that we didn't say half of what we said.
I can't think about it, I am so confused.
Both of us denied what the other accused.

After all the yelling, when I asked you what this meant,
You said that we were through, and this wasn't just anger you had to vent.

How could you give up after all that we've been through?
I can't just pretend I don't love you.

I want to start all over, to fix all the wrong.
I wish that I had told you I was sorry all along.
For now I know I've lost the only one I've ever cared about,
I know what a broken heart feels like cause mines Broken without a doubt...



Nicole Cotterman

I know it was love, I saw saw you care,
I heard you cry, this isn'tfair.
You talked about forever, but now you shut me out.
When I try to get through, you act like you don't know what I'm
talking about.

We were as one, now we're broke as two.
The only problem is, I'm still in love with you.
How can I show, prove to you,
Our relationship doesn't have to be through.

I'm holding on, confused and scared,
Thinking about the times we've shared.
Your personalitie's different, you are not the same.
Do you like playing this game?

For me it's hell, I can't go through,
Another day being without you.
I'm waiting for you, I'll always be here,
Whenever you decide you want me, MY DEAR...



Nicole Cotterman

I loved you with all my heart, yet yours is made of stone,
I thought you loved me too, I see that I was wrong.
People said you'd hurt me, that I should stay away,
They said I'd be an object of the game you like to play.

Now I see so clearly, what you are all about,
I wish it didn't hurt so much to figure someone out.
But I learned the hard way, and to you it might have been fun,
I only have the satisfaction of knowing your day will come.

You'll laugh and have a good time, while I sit home and cry,
I'll sort out all my feelings and forget all your lies.
And somewhere out there, there's someone right for me,
And someday I will find him and he will make me see,
Sharing my life and love with someone,
How good the feeling can be....