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Kaitlyn Cotter


Wexford, PA, US

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Kaitlyn Cotter

Stubby knees and twig legs barely
touch the floor of the cold square tiles.
Pencil ready in hand,
with rough elbows holding her steady
on the edge of a balancing chair.

Todayís lesson is equality,
Listen carefully children
Our country is a place
where everyone is the same.

The African Americans were enslaved
Martin Luther King made their lives fair.
And Helen Keller couldnít see the blue sky,
but look how she changed the world.
Never stare at someone because they
look different than you.

Her entwined fingers twiddle with guilt
as her truthful eyes glisten,
thinking of when she went to visit grandma-
that dark corner they drove past.

Why mommy, did you lock the doors
at the stop light
when the dark skinned man asked for money?
You said not to look at him, look down
I canít look at the girl in the wheelchair either
Itís rude.
Why am I not allowed to give the homeless man
some food to eat?

he needs help,
Didnít you see his sign mommy?