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Michael Martin Cotten


Greensboro, NC, US

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Michael Martin Cotten

The thunder subsided, the clouds moved away
the wind spoke in soft whispers-
the beginning of a spring day.

A chosen dove, a tranquil sea
the dark of night has ended-
the start of what is to be.

An open window, a new light shines
the soul of life is found-
the birth of a clear mind.

A new season is created,
much different from the last.
The storm is completely over,
no more memories of the past.



Michael Martin Cotten

Raindrops at night
splattering against the windowpane,
Winds of the North
howling, beckoning my name.
Waves from the deepest sea
rising close to the shore,
Lightning cracks through the sky
as never seen before.
Midnight thunder
roaring above the clouds,
The sweet melody of trumpets
sounding clear and loud.
As rays of light break through the darkness,
the strength of the sun makes its way,
While dawn begins a new day.....

and I emerge.