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Sherry Corder


Jonesburg, MO, US

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Who Is She?


Sherry Corder

She wanders aimlessly through life;
trying to find the meaning that is hidden within;
trying to find her purpose.

For so long, she had forgotten who she was;
going through life in neutral;
just making the motions; just getting by.

But, she had forgotten the good qualities that she had;
the ones hidden deep inside herself.
She had forgotten what it was like to be loved;
to be cared for and to be care about.

She had forgotten what it was like to be heard,
or for someone to actually care that she even spoke.
She had forgotten that her opinion did matter.

She had forgotten she was a real person.

How sad that life tends to lead a person in that direction.
Or is "Nowhere" a real direction?
It seems more like a dead-end; leading to nothing.

Suddenly something happens to snap her back to reality.
Something that starts her brain thinking again.
Someone who pays attention to her;
Someone that makes her believe in herself
and to see the person that is hidden inside.

Someone who makes her remember that she is special again.
Someone who believes in her and loves her for who she is;
not for who they want her to be and
not for what she can become or for what she can be molded into.

Someone loves her for who she is !
Someone cares about her for her !
That Someone could be You !