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The Love Of My Life



Iíve been waiting on the love of my life for quite some time know never realize he was right in my face.
Heís so perfect that he canít be replaced. All his comfort, his cares, his emotions are expressed so perfectly. He never jumps out of characters and is wiling to do anything for me. Heís a king, a Black African king. If I had a thousand tears to shed to prove my love for him I indeed would do so.

His spirit and his vibe itís all MAN! He loves his mother sheís dear to his heart, he loves his daughter without a doubt. Heís a family man, a man with dreams, and goal that are unimaginable, who could ask for much more. If telling anyone "Yes" was a crime he wouldíve definitely been convicted.
By finally being with you I realized that searching from someone with an eye, means nothing if you didnít search within yourself and within your heart.
Am I over exaggerating? Not by a long shot!

Heís passionate, witty, smart, and handsome.
If I had met him in ten lifetimes I would choose him over and over again. He completes me heís one of a kind. I love him so much that is why I made you mind Jermel.

Thank you for being there for me when no one else would be there for me Iíll never forget you never.