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Jonathan David Coote


Mississauga, ON, CA

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Will you come away?


Jonathan David Coote

I may not be Romeo but you are in all ways Juliet, your fresh personality, the sweet smell of spices flowing from the treasures of your beauty and charm so beautiful as the ice caps on the mountains of mirth, frankincense, aloes and cinnamon. Carried on the wind of shamayim (heaven) they find a sanctuary in the chambers of my heart, refreshing my inner most being. Once again I am like a Prince standing waiting, looking for his beautiful Princess to come riding through the gates of the city on a carriage pulled by the finest of King Solomons chariot horses. Will you come away? Will you come to me and make my heart leap with love and anticipation? And refresh me as the dew descending upon the mountains of Zion? Come and we will ride on the wings of a Cherubim to a land, to a land flowing with milk and honey full of spices and flowers, full of imagination of a young prince and princess in love. We will walk on the petals of the freshest flowers; together we will drink from their sweet nectar we will walk
through the valley of spices taking in their unique fragrance as we pass. We will bath in the rich milk of the coconut; we will fly with the white dove in the open sky. As we walk in the garden in the cool of the evening behold two jars one with your name, one with mine. You coat my lips with honey, I glaze yours with wine of the finest vines in the land, Oh how soft the touch of your hands upon my lips. So my love will you come to me? For I wait for you, I look for you gazing at the hills looking for the glow of your soft white beauty to come through the gates of the city pulled by the finest of King Solomons chariot horses.