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Felicity Cook


Mangakino, North Island, NZ

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Felicity Cook

Jack Daniel's was a friend of mine,
so morf, line and joint,
they closed my doors for me,
what a pleasure to close my eyes,
black, nothing, a giant vaccum, sucking me down,
spiralling down, black,
then morning, oh morning,
come on girl,
I'll see you in the dawn.

The Auckland sun grinds it's pearcing spikes of red hot matter through my eyelids,
Blackie screams some obserd oracle to some dead rocker on my bedside crate,
the stench of dead smoke and piss permeates the air,
she smiles at me, and begins to stroke my head now,
with all the warmth of Kitty.
Don't move,
it may not feel the same if I do.
Frozen by this dream of love,
the last cheap peice of bedding is repelled from my form,
I want to stay like this forever,
never move,
nothing could ever feel so complete again,
her warmth invades me,
imagine I'm a vaccum,
I draw her within, never to leave me,
not again.

But she has no choice,
slowly she touches less of me,
Blackie cackles madly, like a poor man Vincent Price,
the inane little box that exudes Blackie's best comes into focus,
slipping out the bedroom door, playfully she winks at me,
my love has gone,
no more for me,
time to start my daily quest,
in serch of darkness to obtain darkness,
and with hope she'll visit me at dawn.
Smile down on me my Auckland sun,
and let me lay frozen in my dream of love,
just one last time.