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Julian Conway


London, England, UK

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Julian Conway

John needs a new wife
Don't forget the kitchen knife
Stay safe
Lock the safe
Dont be shy
Meet a guy
See a play
Remember what they say
Feed the dog
Chop the log
Buy a recent good p.c
Find your old car key
Don't go mad
Mix with bad
Get on the bus
Don't make a fuss


Love; The reason we fight on


Julian Conway

We march and we wonder for the enemies will plunder,
Our generals want power but we’ll grow like a flower,
We’ll strive and we’ll go through desert an’ snow,
For we just want peace and for war to cease,

The days out at war, shall no longer store,
Our memories of badness and our feelings of sadness,
For our ladies in waiting, will no longer be negating,
For we will succeed, and our enemies will bleed,

And through the marshes we now travel , we watch our victories unravel,
Because as we win, our army time grows thin,
And we’ll put down the sword which we carry,
And stay at home and love for the reason we marry,