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Nicki A. Contento


DeKalb, IL, US

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The Rocker


Nicki A. Contento

Whether it be on the youthful playground
or in the aged rocker she swings forth yet,
is always pulled back by what she does not know.

Sometimes it's at night when the moon rises and
bitter strife becomes sweet; back and forth,
forth and back . . . Other times, in the mind
swinging from branch to branch
never completing a thought
through the knowledgable tree.

Reflecting on the past, tormenting the future;
The bud of her burning Rose swaying within a consuming
conflagration of thought not wanting to be heard.
So she rocks to hear the squeaks of the chair
and not the taunt of the voices.

This is the only dote for the suffering of an
afflicted heart,
lost in memories,
drowning in hope,
dying in despair,
. . . buried in unatainable dreams.