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Matthew Blankenship

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New Orleans, LA, US

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Matthew Blankenship

Braving night as cold as the deepest winter
Shaken from dark sleep - I feel your passion around me.

Your touch like droplets of water pouring over me
Your breath dances across my skin - misting and deliberate.

Our lips meet and they caress as our bodies join in union. Moonlight pours from your skin and our bodies race - Hands clutched such wicked passion
Your face lifts to the sky as light illuminates your body. A single tear rolls down your angelic face as you begin to drift away.

Only in my dreams do I know such an angel
Touching hands as you dissapear
Awakened I search for my lost dream
I reach for you and find your heavenly body wrapped in a frame.
The chill is gone as I feel you watching over me.



Matthew Blankenship

The sun blisters across the heavens
Breaking through stars in a twisted fury sending them raining to earth like swollen butterflies.
They swarm the poppy meadows where you lay in springs silence
You watch their decent from above and gaze into their tiny laughter.
The ground roars and the earth's ivy covered arms rise to caress their paper wings.

So picturesque you are - resting in their glory.
Your hair racing across your face and your heart beating in time to the wind.
The butterflies lay in rest around the embankment surrounding the deep pools of water that make up your eyes.

All is still as the day passes by
All but for the quivering of your soft lips as they touch mine.
The butterflies kiss and it sparks trembling in your voice.
It deepens your passion and awakes your soul - sending your mind in a whirlwind of color.

Spread thy own wings and take me into your openness.
Wrap them tightly around me and never free me from this eternity
Blessed is the day the sun shone through the heavens and sent you to me.
How blessed am I to have you my butterfly



Matthew Blankenship

Blindly categorizing this dull and seemingly endless company I keep called life
The harsh reality makes my walls higher and thicker
The cobblestones rise and crack as the earth moves beneath them
I have seen things with my eyes and felt things with my soul that most people will never know
I will keep these things hidden deep within myself never to reveal the truth
I stand behind this wall like a shroud of darkness
With each day I add a new lock to the entrance, just in case someone is of the wiser
Only hesitating for a moment when I hear the knocking
Standing fast as a smirk crosses my face
Always knowing what you seek to find
I could tell you all my thoughts and desires but you will never know them without feeling them
Desires you can not see, touch, or smell
Only feel in that very second where the winds stop and the earth stands still
The moment when the waves cease to pound upon the shore
Your visions of me are only mere fantasies that your mind has created about me
They are not real
If you were to stand in the space which surrounds this world, my life would pass in the blink of ones eye
In that moment that your eye lids kiss, a million lifetimes would pass through your mind and take your soul
That is where I will find you
I will steal your soul and discard it, for this is how you see me
I carefully remove my tracks as I stray forward taking my world with me
The walls shaken and battered from the constant sounds of warfare
Endlessly struggling for survival as the sun sets yet again and the night caresses my skin



Matthew Blankenship

She lights a small candle and watches as the wax drips like flowing lava over the edge
The flickering dance of the fire does little
to hide the doom upon the walls
There are no days, just a blanket of night filling her life
The still harmony of her tears fills the air with music of mourning
She knows only sorrow and pain as she weeps for her stolen life
So statutory in itself has her life been taken
She closes her eyes as her death over takes her soul and crushes
her young spirit
Her innocence was taken as she dived deep into the
pit of womanhood scraping the thorny sides as she scarred her
sacred body for eternity
Helplessly drawn to end the life of the one she keeps
She believes it not to be hers, but of a trivial tragedy
She takes the dagger with fear mounting
and plunges it deep within her soul
No one hears her screams as she staggers to the floor
With one strike she desperately takes two lives feeding on
the envy of lifeís desire
She feels no more pain nor guilt
as her body lies lifeless on the floor
Her fixated eyes drawn to the flicker on the ceiling
and yet another mother cries



Matthew Blankenship

Hands shackled to this wall of stone.
Feet left dangling - dancing in forever sorrow.
My blood drips, leached from my swollen body.
Cataclysmic explosions in my mind as time waits.
Solely I walked this earth, ironically the same to my demise is seen.
My eyes shut - forever night.
Dark as an executioners vale - protruding his sacred ax.
Swarm down on me with a hundred deaths making my sleep deeper.
One final breath as my body weakens.
So is my night.



Matthew Blankenship

Trapped within my own mental paradox
I wonder if my life is only a dream
Stretched from the truth of my imagination
Pondering itself as if it were alive

I wonder about your existence
I wonder if I would ever touch your face again
If I did, would you not disappear into your own mind,
Leaving me with a ghostly reminder of you?
Leaving me pounding against the heartbeat of my walls

I wish to wash your face with the beauty inside me
If you were to see it - if only in the blink of an eye
To caress your heart with such things-
Would bring brightness to my own heart

I know the only world written in stone
Is the eternity of my mind
But in this place - the place of beauty and pain,
I wish to share that with you -
If only for a time
For I have seen you
The real you
The beauty and harmony of your mind
I cannot lose that image of you
The passion and love it poses
I need to breathe that into my body
To take you in like that
To make love to your mind
Until you can look into my eyes and see the person who waits inside

He is waiting for you to step within the walls
He waits for you because he can see you
The part of yourself you discard
The part he is dreaming of
The part not resisted by past or future worlds
To sink his teeth into your heart to taste you - consume you
Yet he waits until you see him
So shall I wait

Because I dreamed of you before I was born
I was sent for you to show you my world
To show you my words and revel in the madness of yours

The Laughing Heart


Matthew Blankenship

You are a very gifted child
Dark, spiritual and laughing
You bring me fantasy
As you stroll through my reality
While the flame flickers on old withered gray bones
Your heart menstruates
Chuckling at itís own jokes

And through quivering tongue
And scratched hollowed eyes
I find a home within myself
I crawl into that hole
Waiting as the night creeps
Casually knocking and pounding
Sending chills through my callus fingers
Eating at the flesh of light
Burning the layers engulfed in flames
Romancing the mind
Piercing the soul
And your heart continues to chuckle

My hand touches the distant appearance of you
Rubbing your charcoal essence into a photograph
I used this photograph in one-handed marvel
When it became blurry I screamed until silence screamed back
Spilling courage from its depths
Biting at my ankles
Lashing out at my own tongue
And when it became silent again
I could still hear your heart chuckle
And I laughed with it.

Medieval Thoughts


Matthew Blankenship

Medieval thoughts - burning
Shaking my walls and reeking havoc among the masses of my own mind
To have my spirit sucked dry until I am yet the black rose
Petals curling and falling to the earth until I am existent no more

Traipsing between past and present -fantasy and reality - good and evil
I feel my own being become a mere stepping stone for life
No future, no present, no five minutes ago

I cannot be loved the way I love myself
So freely and honestly
For I am merely a stepping stone
A pathway to the unknown
Lined with the black roses
Lined with the occasion of uncertainty
Filled with the vengeance of life
And the laughter of its love

I dream her dreams
Watching her as she rolls through them
I feel her thoughts - pondering them as she does
I am not stupid
I am gifted beyond normal human comprehension
I know her desire and mortal thoughts
For I have seen them for myself

I know my end
I know of the aloneness it brings
Like the black rose
Withering in an open field
My skin will be wilted
And I will be left wondering why I could not find someone to believe
For belief brings faith and faith brings hope
Without hope there is no belief
Without hope there is no love
Without love I am merely the black rose

Does it Bother You?


Matthew Blankenship

Does it bother you that I leave my cloths all over your floor?
Does it bother you when I havenít shaved for days?
And how about when I look at the world like a cataclysmic time bomb waiting to go off?
Well, does that bother you?

How about when I tell you over and over again
How I have incessantly missed you throughout the day and -
what about my insomnia?
Iím sure that bothers you

Does it bother you how I take a mental snapshot of each and every face you make?
Does it bother you that every song I hear makes me think of you and the way you are and -
How about when I tangle myself up in everything you do - does it make you want to scream inside your head?
Well, doesnít it bother you?

Well what about the time I thought the world was going to end and
The way people are so driven to believe in nothing but their own selves
And what about the way I want to live inside your mind
Filled with love and hate, spirituality and fate - Gods and Goddesses, mind over matter - screaming at the top of your lungs when it all doesnít matter
Well, I think you get my point but does it bother you?

Did you know that every time I give you a flower - Itís a part of me you have set free?
Does that bother you?
What about how I sit up all night and watch you sleep
Doesnít that bother you?

Can you hear me?
Can you hear me saying your name inside my sleep?
Can you feel when I want you so bad that I jump out of my body and try to find you where you are and
How every time I see you I fall in love all over again and again, well
Iím sure that bothers you

How about how we can relate to everything under the sun
We share the same feelings - even the passionate ones
And every time I see your face misting through a daydream I want to kiss you there
Would that bother you?

And would it bother you if I held your hand while you slept - said your name just because - kissed your forehead without you knowing about it and felt you every time you took a breath?
Tell me one thing - Would that bother you?



Matthew Blankenship

Your heart casts an ember glow upon my existence
Precious entangled loveliness cast in a world of serene divinity
It lifts my existence toward the windows of sacrificial love
Holding it there
Seizing it from walking over the edge of eternal vastness
This is why I give myself to you - my whole self

This devotion of energy and power you seek
I promise to share with you
My heart shakes and plunders with this
sound of pleasurable pain
I give you this
For you are the never-ending blissful state of mourning
that I seek
You are light and the dark of my own existence
A constant reminder of my own realms and thoughts

I wonder if to escape reality with you -
I will have to put my heart within a golden chalice
Handing it to you so you could drink from it
From that moment I would be inside you
Living among the passageways of your body - your mind -
Your soul
Flowing through every vein - every pore

I feel this reverence with you - the peace of that existence
It rages through me like a river over smooth swollen rocks
I can see this new beginning - Just a glimpse
I can see our minds writhing in such beautiful entangled passion
That day - the day the wall crumbles into dust
We will know the beginning

I can taste my own desire upon your lips -
Such wicked abandoned beauty
This is why I give myself to you - truthfully - fully
I worship you with this poem
The essence of you - the heart of you - the sacrificial you
May the words be branded so you will know every day
I'm devoted to you