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Mike Conners


Overland Park, KA, US

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A Struggle for Life


Mike Conners

They had each traveled from places unknown by the other
Taking different routes, but seemingly the same wavy journey
A continual fight against wind and rain and time
The elements notching that fight as they traveled
Succumbing now and then, only to rise again-stronger
In this endless struggle through the sea

I could tell they had dropped from a tangled mess
Leaving the security of the shore-on their own
The push of the current never stops, nor does life
And they showed life, especially one, carrying every chip forever

Tonight, though, I sense a strengthening
As the two floating,worn branches seek shore
They stop, and touch, and rest-together
Knowing they share a common past

It is good, that moment, having strength together
As if a moment can breathe new life
But like life, their journey will continue
Bringing more tests as the tide rolls back out

They broke apart as they left
Leaving my bare feet again alone on the shore as I watched
I'm sad, not for myself, but for them
As life's journey carries them off
You gave strength to each other, for a moment

I swam for them, knowing I was too late
No man can stop time-I want to
"May you find a common shore again," I whispered.
They were gone