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Sky Connelly


Pleasant Valley, NY, US

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Sky Connelly

I'm swimming in a sea of empty
I can't stop my mind from wondering away from what I don't understand.
I try, but you always leave so I haven't had the chance to
Talk to you about whatever it is you needed to say.
Please, just for a little while to ease my racing
Mind, so that I can get to sleep
Because I have many things to do next year,
If I get that far that is;
Because there is this luming possiblity that I will never make it;
Unless, of course, I have the problem that I'm supposed to,
If it's even that.
Talk with me.
Please, to soothe my excited soul.
So that I can do things in a calm manor,
And concentrate on my math when I'm supposed to,
And not write beautiful poetry, even though I'm just a crazy
Sing for me.
Please, to help me stay alive,
So that I can stop eating and become pure,
And so that I can understand a word you are saying,
Because right now, I can't.
Please, so I can sleep;
To ease my mind; to soothe my soul.
To help me stay alive.
So that I can finally
A sigh of...