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Heidi Connealy


Omaha, NE, US

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Freezer Burn


Heidi Connealy

Ouch, the freezer burned you.
Your arctic chill will pain my tongue,
make my head throb.
No cones for you.

Ah ha! There it is, a tropic oasis in my kitchen.
With the push of a button, its arms open,
welcoming the soother of my cravings.
Ten seconds, maybe fifteen-

I wander, like an animal, drawn to its prey-
The door is opened.
You are no longer burned,
now a melted cool.

Number Five


Heidi Connealy

The once fractious wind, becomes soperific clouds.
Pure, thick masses filch a once tenuous identity,
they flout the precepts they once worshiped.
Never a sepulchral thought, nor doubts even transient.

7:30 A.M.


Heidi Connealy

Accomplished men, pale; balding.
Staring blankly, blandly.
Rush Limbaugh ties compensate for lost creativity.
Cream cheese- plain.
Coffee- black