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Shannon C. Conley


Chicago, IL, US

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Shannon C. Conley

Yesterday I was with my person, happily running around.
Today I am in a cage and my toys are cannot be found.

I keep looking for my people, but them I do not see.
Where have they gone, and why would the leave me?

Many strange sounds that frighten me, I do not recognize,
I turn to look, and next to me, I see sadness in his eyes.

So long he has been here, and a home he hasn't found.
He has seen the others come and go, but hasn't made a sound.

He loved his kids, he loved his home, with everything he had,
And had given him up when they had had enough, and thought that he was bad.

The pawing for attention and destruction of many things,
If they'd just given him a chance, such joy he would bring.

They took him to a shelter, he's purebred, you know,
And because of that, he will surely go.

Yesterday I was with my person, happily running around.
Today I am in a cage and my toys cannot be found.

I keep looking for my people, but them I do not see.
Where have they gone, and why have they left me?

Many strange sounds that frighten me, I do not recognize,
I take a look at myself, startled, I realize_

Where has my family gone, and where can they be found?
They surely wouldn't leave me, and I started to make a sound.

I loved my kids, I loved my home, with everything I had,
What did I do for them to leave me, was I so bad?

Was it the pawing for attention, the destruction of many things,
The excited, pleading looks for them to play with me.

Well, they took me to a shelter, I'm purebred, you know,
And because of that, I will surely go.

Wind Chimes 03-03


Shannon C. Conley

Today, I heard the wind chimes,
And saw the beginning petals on the flowers.
And saw the blue sky as I had never seen it before.

Today, I prayed for my family,
Though I had not been to church for so long.
I asked that my family be safe from harm.

Today, I cried for what has been and what will

today's Thunder


Shannon C. Conley

I hear the Thunder and feel so small.
It's as if my worries have dissipated
Into nothing.

Before my heart was hurting,
But hearing the Thunder
makes the broken heart swell

With the feeling that
Trivial worries are in fact, Nothing.
As you wish, Goodbye.

My Friend


Shannon C. Conley

I cannot tell you everything you mean to me,
Because it is wrong_
You understand me, and make me feel whole,
But it is wrong to let you know.
Only a few years, but quite a few tribulations,
But you cannot know
How I really feel,
Because it is just not_right.
You are a best friend and
A part of Me, and I Thank You.
But you cannot know certain things.
Because I may feel embarrassed and
Afraid that you will no longer
See me in the same light.
So you will be my friend, always, as
It should Be.

Sharing a Cup of Rainbow


Shannon C. Conley

Just stopped by for a visit with Mom.
For our quiet time together just Being.
When the rain came, we were silent.
Then came the lull and the breakthrough of
I searched for the Rainbow.
The sign of good things,
The sign of healing,
The sign of being well again.
And there it was.
Calling Mom to come and see the
And we saw it together,
As it should be,
As it will Always be.

Falling Down


Shannon C. Conley

I am falling down again.
Am afraid I wonít recover.
I am close to the bottom,
Myself, I canít discover.

The self, the me I was once,
The me that loved to dance,
The me who took pride in myself,
The me who had a chance.

The days go by so lonely,
They tumble end over end.
The nights are even harder,
My oneness breathing, I cannot stand.

The sound of one scathes
An alone, lonely being.
Why does it have to be this way?
Deeper into me I sink.

My friend, please tune into me.
Please, I need you to hear.
I need someone to understand;
To help lift this weight I bear.

I fill my empty place with
Worthless, illogical things.
The wholeness Iím looking for,
Possessions donít seem to bring.

I know I am here somewhere,
Lost somewhere, fallen down.
Iím reaching for something,
Listening, a voice, a sound?

You did not ask for this burden,
For this I apologize.
My feelings of invisible
Iím trying to rationalize.

Iím falling down again,
Am afraid I wonít recover.
Iím back down again...
Me, who will discover?



Shannon C. Conley

Silence is Golden.
Quiet has value.
Feelings mean Nothing.

Emotion is for the weak,
They break down walls,
And punish for revelation.

Quiet hears the late night weeping,
The feelings that make one weak.
The sounds of a barriers building.

I will hold my Silence.
I will keep my Quiet.
My feelings are Nothing.