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Melanie Conine


Yorba Linda, CA, US

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to me alone


Melanie Conine

why am i so all alone?
no one can hear me,
no one will try.

they think that i'm just angry or crazy,
and all i can do is scream or cry.

i wish that they were right about it,
i wish that i was able to see

what's wrong with me, am i insane
or will they just have to learn to love me?



Melanie Conine

i know i am lost.
i know i am torn and confused -
the tears flow,
in thick, cool streams.
the gray creeps in
around my heart
like a foggy mist
with bony fingers -
raking across the
fleshy surface
picking at scars and
making wounds old
and new
bleed like one.
so i bind up my heart
with iron restraints,
willing it not to
i wait in pain and
for the burning
to be gone -
for the metal to become
hard and cold
when i will feel
no more.