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David Condrey


Midlothian, VA, US

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David Condrey

I pledge allegiance a world without corruption.
We the people will take a stance.
Prepare for the eruption.
to the flag
...which hangs so high.
Heís just a flag.
Who cares if he dies?
of the United states
...who killed to become one.
...and all the people it hates.
Vengeance shall come.
of America
...The worldís finest nation
because they care about you
despite discrimination.
and to the republic
...which cheats, steals, and lies,
and to the nonconformist
who wishes they could see through his eyes
for which it stands
...while the homeless roam the streets.
...for the business man, his greedy hand,
and the child it beats.
one nation
We donít know how many died.
Use an approximation.
No one will know we lied.
under God
No prayer allowed in school.
Who cares if itís odd,
just follow the rules.
Yet easily broken.
There is no nonsense
in words that arenít spoken
with liberty and justice for all.
They build you up just to watch you fall.