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It's My Soul



As I walk thru the darkness, clinging to just a small
piece of me.
Serving two masters, I was in way too deep.
But who should I love and why should I hate?
I'm seperated by consciousness in a world isolated
by fate.
I'm not lesser than, nor will I be lesser than of,
But as a witness to life, I know the death of love.
It's trapped in the memories where life becomes lost.
While I was apprehended by the madness of contaminated

It's my Soul, crying out for peace.
Asking me, when will all the pain cease?
It's my Soul, draming all these dreams.
For us to forever be free.

Somewhere, up in the sky, a thousand miles high,
Spirits life, I'm told they never die.
Dancing, laughing and shining with the stars.
Man, can you imagine life with God?
Where compassion is everlasting in a life of no more
" IF " would be life never was, and everything would be
an act of love..SHHHhhhhh....LISTEN..

It's my Soul, crying out for peace.
Asking me, when will all the pain cease?
It's my Soul dreaming all these dreams,
Four us to forever be free.

I think that life in paradise is going to be kinda nice.
No more illusions and lies, just to get by.
No tears to cry, fears or alibis.
No ashes to ashes or even dust to dust.
It's be just love, understanding, trust and hopefully us.

But until then, it'll be my Soul crying out for peace
Always asking, when will all this pain cease?
That'll be my Soul dreaming all those dreams
For all of us to forever be free.




Thinking of life as a journey to a definite place
Where time doesn't matter nor destination.
No more tears, fears, or alibis.
Depictions of religions
Laws with flaws
No sorry bout yo' luck or toxic touch.
No death, No quest,unwanted sex.rejects,or last breath.
Only thoughts in 3-D, living out every image of imagination
living out every imaginable image of your imagination.....
In and with as much peace as dreamed.