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Ashley Columbus


Charlotte, NC, US

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Ashley Columbus

Quiet still,
regulated heartbeat, increasing,
pounding, moving without control-
noise in your ears flashes,
gnashing teeth, music within you,
world spinning-
you are floating, breathing easy now.

The tingle sensation rises within you,
chills to the bone,
warmer now,
moving again,
the room circles you,
you are it-
you are you.

Quiet calm, coming down,
further down.
Close your eyes,
it's over now.

Embers of stars


Ashley Columbus

Embers of stars
the gentleness of breath
the kiss between us
breathing life into
our fears,
our desires,
our beauty
like the god
the goddess,
the slayer
the dragon,
the prince
the beauty
in the sand castles
of our lives

We all rise from
the night into one,
peacefully dreaming...

Only to once again
be washed
from the shore



Ashley Columbus

EM>"Well, let it pass, he thought; April is over, April is over. There are all kinds of love in the world, but never the same love twice."
-F. Scott Fitzgerald

Stripped bare
of all the frivolities,
you live life as I wish I could-
you live despite all that you
do not possess.
those things are
to you; they always have been.

You are the true poet,
shrouded in mystery,
or in the mystery
I created for you.

Iíve always imagined you
in so many different ways,
except the way
I know you really are:
the true poet.

Itís the passion,
the seed inside you,
growing into idea after idea
that I crave;
it is I who understands
I who writes to you,
about you,
for reasons I can no longer

Even so, with the difference
between us,
something pulled my soul
into yours;
I miss all the days
we did not spend
but I cannot go on believing
I knew someone
that I

I was foolish to believe
I had captured your heart-
heart of the true poet.

Youíll see me from afar,
bejeweled and laughing,
and youíll smirk with that
knowing look
because you know Iím
behind it all.

Finally, for once, I realize this has to be my farewell to you; we all know how expectations only rise over time, and mine have done just that. The stars are shining light on two separate paths for you and for me. And, after all, April is over_