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Mark Collins


Aurora, CO, US

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Mark Collins

I wish we could start again
To feel our loves first feeling
To have locked it away
For these later years
To help calm my loving fears
There's no doubt, I'm dealing
With losing what I've held so near

It seems as though
Our loves for each other
Does not grow
So we move farther apart
From the first feelings
Embedded in our hearts

Let's regain our loves blood flow
To live out our lives of holy matrimony
Renewing our vows
Till death do us part
Let's be in love again, now

We must try for years sake
To be in love aagain
Our kids and our futures are at stake
Let's dig deep inside
Unlock loves freedom and let fly
Gods loving angels
From within our hearts they lie
Let them and all their magic weave
Our new loves nest
To live out our lives
In gods hands
We lay to rest

The Path


Mark Collins

Twenty years gone by
Our love for each other
Still does linger
My, how time does fly
The fire inside me dimmer
Something amiss, something awrye
Something? I can't put my finger
On its whatabouts
The flame does still glimmer
The glimmer of hope
Of things to be
Let's rekindle loves fire
Let's, you and me
For hell does beckon my soul
Temptations thrown in my face
Please O'Lord I beg of thee
Don't let me fall thy grace
There must be a way
To find cupids love arrow
But the path it must follow
Day by day it does narrow
I pledge to you my loving wife
Cupid will draw his bow
His target clearly marked
If it should miss, I fear for my life
The struggle to endure what followed
Would leave this man
Helpless, without love and hollow
I pray, let cupids arrow
Find its mark
Down the path of love
Straight but narrow

Freeing Up Some Time


Mark Collins

Live life free
Get up and go
Don't let grass
Stand in your way
For it will soon
Turn into hay
But no! You'll mow it
Of course!
Leave it alone
We'll get a horse

So ya gotta hoe the garden
Leave it alone
Let the ground harden
Vegetables? Let em go
Just go to the store
You'll find everything you need
Most likely even more

So ya gotta do yard work
Don't be silly
We'll hire a yard man

So ya gotta clean house
Don't be silly
That yardman we're gonna hire
Has a spouse

There, now you'll have time
To play around all day
But no!Your a woman
Let your yard turn into hay?
No way!
So ya don't need a horse
Of course!
You wouldn't let your garden, harden
And you wouldn't let a yardman
On your property at all
Let alone his spouse cleaning your house
Well, can't say i didn't try
Maybe next time
I'll think of somehting that'll get by

Finding Time


Mark Collins

Finding time seems to be
A preoccupation
By most of thee
I once asked a man of knowledge
Who, by the way
Graduated from the finding time college
He told me
Go straight to your future
Tis there you'll find time
H'mm I thought
A second opinion would be in line
A wise man I turned the question to
He thought and thought
His eyes turned up blinking
(A puzzled look on his face)
Time passed, I left
I think he's still thinking
So I turned the question to myself
Then it came to me
One doesn't find time, one makes it
Don't you agree?



Mark Collins

Why do people hate
What makes them so corrupt
O'Lord, why did thee create
Fighting, killing and with ire
Why all this violence
Why did thee sire
Yelling, screaming, a shot, then silence
O'Lord, cleanse this world
I pray of thee
For the end is near
Please O'Lord, leave a world
For my children to see