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Katie Colfer


Petoskey, MI, US

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Katie Colfer

My mind screams
As the tears flow in streams

What I want to say
Wont make things o.k.

I'm enclosed in a box
and its eternally locked

lifes cruel joke
makes me choke

when I die I'm gonna fry
but doesn't sway
my hardened stay

there's a way out
but I'm filled with doubt

will it lead me to light
or blind me on sight

the world keeps on spinning
and others keep winning

but for me theres no hope
and then you let down a rope

as my descision sways
you help me away

from the enescapable dark
a hellish park

and to you I say thanks
a troop in the ranks

and for all you've done
I'm the one who has won.



Katie Colfer

You expect me to fit your standards
you expect me to live in your world
you expect me to be a friend
You require that I act like you little girl

I'm sick of your damned rules
you believe all my friends are idiotic fools

What would you say?
If I ran away?

What rules would you make?
If I came home fucking baked?

your rules can't hold me in
your requirements and expectations
are outweighed by your hypocracies

practice what you preach
you ask for respect
but how can I respect those who don't respect me or themselves?

More Human


Katie Colfer

with your gossamer wings
and your white pearly eyes
you must be an angel from the skies

with your sharp little horns
and your flaring red cape
you must be the devil from your fiery lake

with your blond hair
and your penetrating blue eyes
you must be the god of all guys

with your small little hands
and your chubby little cheeks
you make our hearts flutter and eyes weep

and with the gash on your face
and the bruise under your sleeve
we see your more human
than we'd like to believe.

Beyond It All


Katie Colfer

beyond blind faith
beyond all thats safe
beyond the standards
and beyond you

beyond those who care
beyond caring
I past all that was
I past it all an hour ago
or maybe its just a step away

so where am I
scared and alone
what questions are scary
the ones I cant answer
what questions are you asking who cares

and what was life
and would younger be better
and can I take it all back
and I thought I was beyond all this
and I thought I past it all an hour ago
and I suppose your guess is as good as mine.