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Melissa Michelle Cole


Tucson, AZ, US

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Melissa Michelle Cole

I'm so confused as to what I should do
How could you just stop loving me?
i wish that i could make you see
what it is that i feel
but you dont have a clue
of what i'm going through
i hate to point the blame but
it's all because of you
each and every day,
i wake up feeling this way
thoughts of suicide
creep into my mind
im slowly going insane,
inside i'm full of pain
I try to forget it
but my heart wont let it - fade away
and my brain can not erase
all the things you said
repeating in my head
i try to stay strong
but i cant hold on for very long
soon the tears begin to fall
i wish i could escape,
run away from it all
you try to say
its my fault i couldn't stay
you call yourself my mom?
how can you be ?
you gave up on me so easily
i try to forgive you but all i find is hate
i dont want to hear all the stupid shit you have to say
but i think that maybe some day you'll see
what you're doing to me
what you're putting me through
i wish that I could say i love you too,
but i know that what you say is not true
it really hurts,you see
to try to understand that you do not want me
all i can think
is how could it be?
how could things have changed so easily?
why did you do this to me?
there are no words to describe
the way i feel inside
i want to run away and hide
you're so oblivious
you fucking hypocrite!!!
my life has gone to shit
and it is all because of you
i never want to see or even talk to you
fuck this shit fuck this poem and fuck you too



Melissa Michelle Cole

I'm sorry for all the lies,
I know I hurt you and it makes me cry.
I know I broke your heart so many different times,
But I don't know why.
I know you love me and I love you back.
I apologize for the way I act.
I wish I could come back.
Please forget the past.
You did so much for me, you gave me everything.
When you had nothing,you gave the world to me.
I did not know at the time but now I see
The undying love that you gave to me.
So many times I took your heart,
shredded it, tore it apart.
Remember when you bought me my first guitar?
And that time you sold your car?
So that you could give to me
all the things I want and need.
And when I told you that I hated you
And I wanted you to die.
I hope you know that was a lie.
And if I could go back in time,
I'd do things differently- at least I'd try.
Maybe I said all those things to you
For attention, please forget them,
let's start off new. I really miss you.
I know you miss me too. I'm sure you know how I feel.
Last summer, we were on the ferris wheel,
you said it was either burkley or New York
Yeah I remember that too. You said you would help me pay.
Not tomorrow, let's go today.
We could fly away- so far away.
I remember the good times as well as the bad,
I miss all the fun we had.
I love you dad.