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Adam Cole


London, England, UK

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Getting Serious


Adam Cole

The tentacles of growing affection
play with ring fingers, sleeves, corners
of eyes. We convince ourselves the monster
is our own invention, exalt the beast
when friendship would suffice.

Two incipient lovers lock arms in the park,
seem to be waiting for a lesson to begin;
but teachers don't touch this stuff. Besides
the feeling doesn't let the didact in.

Now the arm of one is getting restless
and the soft sign of love prickles, annoys
so that a faith is getting questioned
very gently. And the surprise
is not that the beast has wreathed them
but that it bolted quite so easily
to leave them with the dreadful space of choice.

Abroad-Thoughts, From Home


Adam Cole

I want to be abroad again,
Escape the earnest everyday,
Enjoy the drains, the traffic signs,
The maps, the tourist traps, be blinded
By the cheapest jewellery on the tray.

I want to be a stranger here,
Feel strange and urgent, conscious of
My every step on clever streets
So far from the complacency
Of kerb to step to key to knob.