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Ron Cole


Shelton, CT, US

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Nervous Energy


Ron Cole

They searched 10 million fathoms,
10 billion leagues --
into the sea,
swarming and blackening the sky,
like locusts
consuming oil divine.

Nervous energy
keeps the world awake,
keeps the world humming
like a smooth oiled machine
that solves the bellyache
hungering for more oil.

Oil! I think
as I gaze out at kozmos --
which planet is churning black
in the black mat of night
that sprinkles with star's energies.

Where drillmen teams converge
like locusts
given succint orders:
drill on to the center of kozmos,
drill deep into the stars
and bring back black from the night
the oozing joy of oil
that will satisfy our desire to life
and burn bright
fueled by forgotten fossils
extending out nervous energy.

So at night when fast asleep
we venture through casual dreams
of black mats dark as night,
oozing from crushed stars
fueling our nervous energy farther,
towards the day when
there will be no more stars.

Karla Faye


Ron Cole

So they say
Karla Faye is finally gone --
a lethal cocktail of humanitarian drugs
around dinnertime. Karla Faye
can't do no harm no more.

Some say they heard Angels laughing,
some heard devils crying.

But none of that matters no more
because Karla Faye's
drug-whorring life
won't harm nobody no more,

And it don't matter either
this religious fling
turns the Pope's and Jesus' heads,
causes peoples to think

about Thornton telling Deborah,
she's coming to you babe
because we all know now
the world's a much better place.

Devils laughing -- angels crying,
nothing makes any sense anyway.

Caues all them humanitarian drugs,
oh God! do they make death sweet ...
no fear, no pain,
just a peaceful, easy dream

us would pray to God
to give to Karla Faye
cause compassion and forgiveness
keeps all our fears at bay,

And we as God's give
all we got. We give
murderers like Karla Faye
an easy out ...

just inches away from death row
Angels and Devils hugging
each other's souls,

Because now Karla Faye can't
just can't do no harm no more:

God bless Karla Faye,
God bless our laws.