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Alana Cohen


Portland, OR, US

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Key to my Heart


Alana Cohen

I may not be your Juliet
and you’re probably not my Romeo
but that doesn't matter
'cause baby I'm yours
and baby, you’re mine

You got the key
you know what
you need to do
take your time
you'll figure it out

Unlock my heart
unleash the magic
that is held within this vessel
the one you love
just take the key
do whatever it is you do

Take my hand
take my heart
take anything you need
I will be forever yours
baby it's just you and me

So you got the key to my heart
what are you going to do?
are you just going to sit there and stare?
or are you going to take your chances?
just do what your heart tells you to



Alana Cohen

When boys went "yuk"
and friends were new
dreams unbroken
and worries few.

When recess was too short
and life too long
decisions came easy
without the need to belong.

When storks delivered babies
and passions weren't so strong
friendships went unbroken
right was right, wrong was wrong.

When bad things didn't happen
and only skinned knees brought tears
and the night light in the socket
quieted all our fears.

When farewells were just for the summer
and real friends didn't part
the fun went on forever
and never left a broken heart.