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Kevin Coe Jr.


Bath, NY, US

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Beautiful Monster


Kevin Coe Jr.

Fallen ghost that is still living
Impersonal white skin
all around the body
Afterlife invisible transparent-
almost there I can see it
(Only a legend from within)-
a tale of scream
Awaken evil presence, sin (or a dream)

Balance teeters cold on my bed
Various facial silent answers- shadows shed
Rejections from a mouth wide open
Dead risen veins exposed- and I in bedtime clothes

Superior teeth tarnished, old
Pit so dark red unforgiving
(Death is not real, white lie living)
He will atone with a soul mate
Future forever heartbreak
An Infinite cast down
More than one level below the ground
godly (unreal) threat- in the world

Hell you are a myth monster
(Hopeless encouragements)