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Melinda Cochrane


Montreal, Ouebec, CA

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A Man


Melinda Cochrane

I met a man who worked hard.
He had a wife. A raven with
black hair.
Woke up each morning. Off
to work he'd go. Returning too tired
to talk. At eight he was often asleep.
Sometimes on his chair.
One fall day on a bus heading home,
he said "all I know is work."
They asked him once about house
and property.
Quietly he looked at his wife and
One a teacher, one deals
blackjack for the state.

Down went his head and a smile
came to his face as he filled
the refrigerator.Passed his
wife forty dollars to fix her
hair, his son some money to
fix his front door.

He works still at sixty-five.
Not many words.

A soldier of quiet grace.