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Barry Coates


Southampton, England, UK

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Barry Coates

Love is fragile
Love is cruel

Love's a weapon
Love's a fool

Love is danger
Love is safe
Love is seen as a perfect place

Love at first site
Love at last breath
Love will bring life
Love will bring death

Love is a caress a gentle touch
Love is too little
Love is too much

Love is the warmth of an embrace
Love is seen as a perfect place

Love is the light that leads the way
Love is a trick that people play
Love is the master
Love is the slave
Love is a kiss upon a grave

Love will twist
Love will turn
Love will cool
Love will burn

Love is onesided
Love is twofaced
Love is with dignity
Love is with grace

Love is seen as a perfect place

Love is a glance across the street
Love is a dream where couples meet
Love is shared wine from the same glass
Love fills the emptiness from the past

Love is a test a leap of faith
No guarantees offered
No perfect place.