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Fake a smile



looking into the mirror i try to fake a smile
instead i end up watching years
slide down my sunken cheaks
tears run down my face and hit the floor
i could never be unhappy
while years washed away
my footsteps continue to fall, further behind yours
every day it's harder than the last to fake a smile
life, slowly swallows me
i do not think i'll make it through
contemplate silent closure

i can't sing the songs i use to play
full of love and explicit emotion
i can't write lyrics for a change
too much depression to motivate my mind
not enough depression to move my heart
so i step aside and take my place
inch my way back home
to the security of silence

rest easy my friend understandin compassion is at hand
let there be no comparison, of your self and another
you are infinately greater than what you wish to become
what are you missing your life is compleate, or are you
searching fo afathers love and a mothers acceptance
the well of their souls runs dry, it's all inconsequential
follow me to a greater love from a distant father
basque in unending light, feel the hole of your heart
security will come with resonsibility, and the right to
inconceivable power
let the security of silence come in natural time
in due course
find the security of silence but in the strenght and
compassionate love of your father in heaven, you rest
in due process, soon enough

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