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Raven Cloud


Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Malaysia

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Freedom Earned


Raven Cloud

Today the world can celebrate
Freedoms that we’ve earned, no need to wait
Until the right time doth appear
For freedom to be recognized as here.

So raise your glass and give a cheer
The time to celebrate is here.

Freedom from fear, freedom from hate
Freedom to take to the streets and celebrate
For if we free our minds from rigid thoughts
We will be able to transform our lives, reshape our lot.

So raise your glass and give a cheer
The time to celebrate is here.

What is your excuse if your life you do not like?
Are you waiting for a partner to make things right?
Are you waiting for the funds
Are you waiting for the freedom that comes

When money is ample, only then you will be free
To be able to do exactly what you please?
But until then you tow the line
Making sure your boss feels fine

Let's raise a glass and give a cheer
The time to celebrate is here.

But what if another path opened up to you?
One that would allow you to be true
To your deepest most cherished desires
To be of service while yet aspire
To the grandest dreams that you have had
Dreams of your soul, that cannot be bad.

So raise your glass and give a cheer
The time to celebrate is here.

The day is coming and it won’t be far
When you will be able to live without a scar
Life without guilt for being alive
Life with purpose and be able to rise

To the greatest potential of your being
All will be fulfilled exactly as you dreamed.
For the system is set, the plans are in place
So it is, indeed, time to celebrate.

So raise your glass and give a cheer
The time to celebrate is here.

To Love One's Self


Raven Cloud

When I love myself, I am not small
In fact I feel quite tall.
I am self assured, yet I have compassion
For those that feel love is an action.

To love another, to love a wife
A lover to ones delight.
But always outward, not within
So the search for love never ends.

We look for the one that will love us so
We have a child to expand and grow.
But the treasure is not out there you see
It is inside you and me.

To unlock the trunk where love resides
We must find the key deep inside
It has always been there, just hidden
Behind the scars of the child ridden

With guilt, traumas and abuse
Many times it has been quite obtuse.
To release the memories of hurt and shame
From child that is not to blame

We must call forth our Spirit where love abounds
To heal the wounds of sight and sound.
For our intellect comes into play
With messages of self-hate every day

To the child that carries the shame, the intellect is cruel
Condemning, hating the child anew.
The child carries the parents’ shame
Though even the parent is not to blame

For the parent had parents that had patterns cruel
That were passed down to the child, that is the rule.
So we break the chain through love and sharing
Our compassion, our forgiveness and our caring.

To find the key that the child hides
In the place where self love resides.
Don’t be afraid, don’t be shy
To go to that place that feels yucky inside.

Clean up the cobwebs, sweep up the floor
Let in the light and open the door
Let the sun shine in, let the Spirit free
Feel the love that is meant to be

Raven Cloud

The Wizards


Raven Cloud

The youth knew when they set out that day
That they would face danger in a land far away
But they had no choice, they had to go
To the place that was foretold

That if they were brave and stuck by friends
That peace would come in the end
For that place that they were to travel to
Had mysteries and ancient teachings too.

It had fairies and wizards and even gnomes
That would help them, when they were far from home.
So they set out to make their plea
To save their homes and families.

But first they looked within and took a breath
And said a prayer of thankfulness.

So who were these teens what was their cause
Why did they go were they seeking applause?
Why must a youth go, and not an adult
To save their world from dire plot?

What power has a youth that is not seen
What is it that is hidden except in dreams?
What has a youth that an adult has not
What has the adult that the youth has not caught?

I can tell you this, when these teens set forth
They had a certainty that would not change their course.
Their leaders were not there to make others obey
And bend to their wishes, lest others stray

But rather the leaders were their to command
To allow all voices to be heard and to stand
Tall, creating one voice
Out of the many that provided a choice

So decisions made were shared by all
That is one reason why they would not fall.
To ego’s desire to take a stand
And make others bow to its demand
Instead the ego was put aside
So all could go forth in united stride

But first they looked within and took a breath
And said a prayer of thankfulness.

They then walked for days and days
Across the desert in the heat and haze
Of desert valley bereft from water
Little life could survive this slaughter

Of senses that demanded life
The desert called for sacrifice
Sacrifice of basic needs
That left them on their bended knees

Begging for water from thin air
Begging for water that was not there
Until they imagined it in all its forms
Then low and behold the rocks transformed

To mini ponds that held the rain
So all could drink and remain sane.
They praised the water, and they felt blessed
That they had passed this difficult test.

Then looked within and took a breath
And said a prayer of thankfulness.

They carried on, though trek was hard
They carried on, not wishing to discard
Lessons learned through hardships that were tough
Though now they knew that they had enough

Of what it will take to get them through
The heat of desert and travel to
The next land that was not so fierce
Where heat and lack of water did not pierce

The very fiber of their being
To a land that was softer or so it seemed,
It had lush fields where waters flow
In rivers and streams to oceans they go.

But the dangers in this land
Are difficult to understand
Because all is given, food, water and air
It would appear that there is no danger there.

Yet the dragon lurks in the shadow
Ready to pounce upon its foe
Which he believes is all who gaze
Upon his den, his resting place.

So the youth could not rest in peace
For the dragon was something that did not cause ease
They new if they found the dragon’s lair
That the dragon would only dare

To take them out, one by one
They were afraid for what the dragon had done
To their parents in the past
The dragon had convinced them of their trespass

Had convinced adults that if they searched
And found in their minds the dragon perched
Upon a den of tangled deeds
That they would never be given what they need.

Which is forgiveness of past sins
Forgiveness of self and where they’ve been.
So the dragon is there to protect the mind
From knowing the sins that were left behind.

So they looked within and took a breath
And said a prayer of thankfulness.

They then knew to pass through this land with grace
They needed to defend that place
That place inside that knew with absolute certainty
That they were worthy so dragon would be

Able to let them pass through the land
Unharmed for the youth had in hand
Knowledge that kept them safe
Knowledge that allowed them to place

A marker outside the dragons den
That claimed for all to read that came within
View of the dragon’s lair, if they had courage of conviction
Then safe passage would be granted without exemption.

They then looked within and took a breath
And said a prayer of thankfulness.

And on they traveled till came to mountain trail steep
The pass that would test their nerves, no coward could they be.
The youth had passed the dragons test
But now needed to be at their best.

They needed courage, strength and agility
For to cross over mountains would test their ability
To rely on others, to forge a team
For to survive all talents will be deemed

Necessary for the task at hand
So all must rise to occasion planned
To bring out the best of each
To draw on strengths that are within reach

Of each and every teen that graced the mission
Each youth had a talent that would be missing
If that one were not present and accounted for
Please remember that when setting forth

To draw out talents, making others shine
Is not only a virtue, but a necessity when bad are times
To ensure that all are working at their peak
Must give encouragement when one speaks.

So the team is forged, the bonds secure
So when crossing mountains they are assured
That strengths and weaknesses are tested as a team
Thereby forming bonds that are strong at their seams.

There is no weak link to the chain
All links are intertwined so strength remains
Something that is forged with time
To enable them the mountains to climb.

So the youth have withstood the trials
Of hardship, inner dragons and all the while
Have been forming bonds of friendship grand
To allow for the final test to stand

And for them to be able to pass
Knowing that strengths lies in friendship vast
The finale test that will allow
For magic to ensure their vow
Will meet with great success
To ensure their families happiness.

They looked within and take a breath
And say a prayer of thankfulness.

They then close their eyes
and let their imaginations fly
The spell they spoke was not a wish
It came forth without a glitch

Hocus Pocous, I command thee
To listen and obey me
For I, have certainty within
To allow the great force to begin

I tap into wisdom deep
That is always there even when I sleep
I command the force that certainty brings
To make right this bad thing

As each teen said the words
They became certain they’d be heard
As each one imagined the town safe
A miracle happened in that place.

The tidal wave that was to overcome
The town and leaving all to drown
Just changed its course and went around
Keeping the wave from coming aground

The team cheered, the youth clapped
They slapped each other on the back
And realized that the day had shown
That they are truly not alone.

That the elements are alive and are their friend
Can be spoken to, but it all depends
On their compassion and capacity to love
That is the universal truth given from above.

Now look within and take a breath
And say a prayer of thankfulness.