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Cheyenne, WY, US

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Storm Cloud

Alas, all my heros are gone.
It seems like only yesterday that they
were all here. John and Gene and Roy and Tex, Lash and Cisco and
Poncho too. Hopalong, The Lone Ranger, Tonto, and Zorro.
Gone to the place where all heros go, To the Great Pumpkin
in the sky. And now Charlie sits under his tree, with
only dreams and memories, of Lucy and the football and her baseball
diamond tricks. Of Charlie's sister and Linus and his blanket, of Beethoven and Pigpen and all the rest of the crew. Oh Time, you take so much away, leaving heartaches, memories and a tear or two. Mr. Schulz, you said that you
were through, gonna give it up, to retire for a day or two. But now, you too have passed away. Gone.. to where all the others lay. To be where the sun shines most every day. Where flowers bloom along every pathway, and
pain and suffering no longer play.
Alas, all my heros are gone.