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Dark Cloak


Brookings, OR, US

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Before Me the Future Opens...


Dark Cloak

I stand within the void...
The womb of all creation.
The darkness from which all things are born.
A mist tht swirls into shapes and shadows,
Reflections of possibilities.
By my will I bring them to solid form.

The change winds blow, I feel my Mother's breath...
The Raven screams to pierce the depths of silence,
She carries my wishes forth.
The fierce blood of the warrioress witch flows in my veins,
Passed to me in legacy.

It is so, I find myself rededicated to the nameless one
Who answers my call.
Oh my Mother, hear me!
Ageless and Nameless One.
I call you in the name. Hear me.
It is I your daughter. My mother come to me!

It is only to thee I will bend.
I walk forth to be removed from the realm of lies.
I know the price of my life now.
I am returned to wisdom, knowledge, and silence.
The power of the unspoken but known.

And so the path comes forth from the mist...
One set of footprints.
Mine alone, the price to be paid, solitude.
I will care for that which you have entrusted me.
I understand now. On this day I am grown.

In Honor of My Father


Dark Cloak

It has been years since you left me here
On this day I honor your memory
Without you who would I have become?
You taught me cause and consequense as a child
Discipline without anger
You loved me like no other
I learned my worth from you
The legacy of my blood...

Today I walk the sand with the memory of you
Only death could take you from me
I can hear your voice in the echo of the waves
"I love you still" and "I still walk with you"
Until next year Father, I will meet you here
Until then I will live my life molded with what you gave
As I turn to watch, the waves wash away the second set of footprints in the sand...

The Doors Within


Dark Cloak

Smooth and perfectly polished, the reflection of Still Water
The Past, the Present, the Future...
All can be seen in the reflection looking back at me
Mirrored back is the evidence of each door closed

As if the magic of self protection will keep from me, the truth
Righteous has been the life long ceremony
Each door closing on the attribute that has caused me pain
Compassion, Trust, Forgiveness, Faith, Strength, Love,
Commitment and Understanding
The long corridor extends on and on

Exhausting the ritual of checking each and every lock
Hollow is the illusion of saftey, short the comfort found there
True Peace and Happiness has been shut behind all these doors